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Navigators: Oceans and Seas

Navigators: Oceans and Seas


by Margaret Hynes



Navigators: Oceans and Seas by Margaret Hynes

Navigate your way through a fantastic range of subjects with this visually spectacular new series. Every spread is brimming with lively text, amazing photographs and artworks, and weblinks and quotes. Panels throughout offer focused information on specific topics.

Nearly 75% of Earth's surface is covered with water, and there are still many mysteries waiting to be explored in Earth's watery places. Dive in and discover how the oceans looked in ancient times and how they've changed in the present day. Find out how the oceans are affected by the weather and the effects of human behavior, as well as what phenomenal effects they can generate on the rest of Earth.

Praise for Navigators: Oceans and Seas

“[An] attractive volume. . . consisting mainly of captions, color photos, and artwork that is almost 3D in appearance. Glossaries and indexes and a final page pointing the way to futher resources in books, films, websites, and museums [strategically] appear.” —School Library Journal

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by Margaret Hynes

Margaret Hynes has worked in publishing for around 15 years. She has written a number of children's titles on topics including English vocabulary, history, geography, poverty and population. Margaret has also edited an array of books for adults


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