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Explorers: Amazing Animals

Explorers: Amazing Animals


by Jinnny Johnson, illustrated by Peter Bull



Explorers are designed to stimulate readers in the early elementary grades (ages 7-10), who are beginning to exercise wider reading, research and cross-referencing skills. They can be read from page to page, or – as a fun extra element – the reader can follow special ‘page links' to access information on related topics. Six fabulous artwork scenes are each followed up with photographic information spreads, which provide extra detail and background.

In Explorers: Amazing Animals - by Jinnny Johnson, illustrated by Peter Bull - readers explore the phenomenal diversity of animals around the world and their incredible adaptations for hunting, eating, defense, and caring for their young. Along the way, readers will see a wide range of habitats from the extreme heat of the Kalahari to the freezing climate of the Arctic ice.

Praise for Explorers: Amazing Animals

“The Explorers reference series . . . provide a clever way for readers to make decisions about what they want to learn, and they encourage active reading. Amazing Animals is an engaging text, complete with a table of contents, an index, and a "more to explore" section for children craving more information. This is a worthwhile series to include in a K-3 classroom.” —NSTA Recommends

Reviews from Goodreads

by Jinnny Johnson, illustrated by Peter Bull

Steven Savage is a biologist, natural history author, and Education Coordinator for the River Ocean Foundation. He has written more than forty natural history books for children, including Kingfisher's Voyages: Oceans.

Peter Bull has worked as a freelance illustrator for more than twenty-five years.

Jinny Johnson

Peter Bull


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