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Basher: Go! Go! Bobo Colors

Basher: Go! Go! Bobo Colors


created and illustrated by Simon Basher






On Sale: 06/08/2012

ISBN: 9780753469217

20 Pages, Ages 0-4

Basher: Go! Go! Bobo Colors created and illustrated by Simon Basher

Bouncy Bobo can't sit still. He just has to bounce his way across the pages of this book, painting everything he sees. From yellow ducks, to blue butterflies, orange carrots, pink piggies, red roses, and green apples, his brush does the job. Young readers will love Bobo's high-energy approach, and the reassuring rainbow that waits at the end!

Praise for Basher: Go! Go! Bobo Colors

“These sturdy board books with rounded corners are solid choices.” —School Library Journal

“vivid [and] energetic . . . This near-wordless romp encourages tots to pick up some paints of their own.” —Kirkus Reviews, Starred Review

“A great title to encourage toddlers' interactive play, this board book introduces six basic colors, one on each double-page spread. . . . A riot. . . . Kids will want to move from the book to the real world and name the colors all around them.” —Booklist

“The thick pages and clever artwork are a user-friendly way to educate pre-school children about basic colors.” —

“The Go! Go! Bobo board books are bright delights, filled with pictures of a bouncy baby zipping through the air amid a whole series of shapes or colors. Basher manages to make the simple books extra-attractive in several ways. . . . In Colors, extra gloss is added to the illustrations, which really "pop," whether they are of rubber ducks and bananas (for "yellow") or of piglets and cupcakes with icing (for pink).” —


created and illustrated by Simon Basher

Simon Basher is the creator/illustrator of the best-selling informational book series that include The Periodic Table, Biology, and Astronomy. His illustration stye is described as a synergy of European graphic design and Japanese Manga character creation.

Simon Basher


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