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New Tales of Terror and the Supernatural

Author: Ellen Datlow




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Multiple World Fantasy and Bram Stoker Award-winning editor Ellen Datlow presents twenty original tales of terror

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As stated in her introduction to Inferno, Ellen Datlow asked her favorite authors for stories that would "provide the reader with a frisson of shock, or a moment of dread so powerful it might cause the reader outright physical discomfort; or a sensation of fear so palpable that the reader feels compelled to turn on the bright lights and play music or seek the company of others to dispel the fear."

Mission accomplished. Datlow has produced a collection filled with some of the most powerful voices in the field: Pat Cadigan, Terry Dowling, Jeffrey Ford, Christopher Fowler, Glen Hirshberg, K. W. Jeter, Joyce Carol Oates, and Lucius Shepard, to name a few. Each author approaches fear in a different way, but all of the stories' characters toil within their own hell. Winner of the Shirley Jackson Award for Best Anthology, Inferno will scare the pants off readers and further secure Ellen Datlow's standing as a preeminent editor of modern horror.

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Tor Books



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“Datlow makes a solid claim to being the premiere horror editor of her generation.” —Publishers Weekly (starred review) on Inferno

“One good ghost story, one truly effective tale, is usually sufficient to scare the bejesus out of a person. The Dark contains sixteen tales, enough to keep fans tossing and turning and peeking under the bed for a fortnight and then some. Watch your hackles when you read this book; Ms. Datlow and her horrormongers are out to raise them.” —Dallas Morning News

“With all that being said, I can assure you that this is quite possibly the most literary of all anthologies I have ever read. Datlow brings together the very best of every type of classic horror stories. I cannot recommend this anthology highly enough and I appreciate horror being treated as fine as it has been in this anthology. Buy it, read it, share it.” —The Fantasy Times

“Fans of horror fiction owe it to themselves to pick up this creepy, stylish anthology.” —Jeff VanderMeer, SCI FI Weekly

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