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Aztec Autumn

Aztec Autumn

Aztec (Volume 2)

Gary Jennings

Forge Books


Gary Jennings's Aztec Autumn recreates a forgotten chapter of history in all its splendor and unforgettable passion.

The magnificent Aztec empire has fallen beneath the brutal heal of the Spaniards. But one proud Aztec, Tenamaxtli, refuses to bow to his despised conquerors. He dreams of restoring the lost glory of the Aztec empire, and recruits an army of rebels to mount an insurrection against the seemingly invincible power of mighty Spain.

Tenamaxtli's courageous quest takes us through high adventure, passionate women, unlikely allies, bright hope, bitter tragedy, and the essence of 16th century Mexico. This incredible rebellion has been little remembered, perhaps because it shed no glory on the men who would write the history book, but on its outcome depended the future of all North America.


I can still see him burning.

On that long-ago day when I watched the man being set afire, I was already eighteen years old, so I had seen other people die, whether given in sacrifice to the gods or executed for some outrageous...

Praise for Aztec Autumn

“First-rate storytelling….A plum pudding of historical information and detail set unobtrusively into brilliant plotting and offbeat remarkable digressions.” —The San Diego Union-Tribune

“Like all good historical writers, Jennings demonstrates the talent to interpret history, not just relate it. The fact that he has taken a footnote in Aztec history and written almost four hundred pages about it is a testament to his imagination, ability, and knowledge of the subject matter.” —The Tampa Tribune & Times

“Mr. Jennings keeps the pages turning.” —The Dallas Morning News

“If you can't make it to the latest summer blockbuster film, Aztec Autumn is the book equivalent.” —San Francisco Chronicle

“Riveting historical fiction written with wonderful force.” —Publishers Weekly

“Jennings' ability to marshal the results of considerable research into a smoothly flowing narrative is remarkable; here he gives appreciators of historical fiction something to relish.” —Booklist


Reviews from Goodreads

Gary Jennings

Gary Jennings was known for the rigorous and intensive research behind his books, which often included hazardous travel—exploring every corner of Mexico for his Aztec novels, retracing the numerous wanderings of Marco Polo for The Journeyers, joining nine different circuses for Spangle, and roaming the Balkans for Raptor. Born in Buena Vista, Virginia in 1928, Jennings passed away in 1999 in Pompton Lakes, New Jersey, leaving behind a rich legacy of historical fiction and outlines for new novels.

Gary Jennings

Forge Books

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