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Only Wounded

Only Wounded

Stories of the Irish Troubles

Stories of the Irish Troubles (Volume 1)

Patrick Taylor

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Ireland, home of legendary poets and storytellers, has been wracked by bloody sectarian violence over the last quarter century. Bombs and guns were, and once again are, the primary negotiation tools used by Catholic and Protestant extremists in the conflict surrounding the sovereignty of Northern Ireland-the six counties known as Ulster.

Only Wounded centers on the hopes and despairs of everyday life during these new Troubles. New York Times bestselling author Patrick Taylor traces an intricate narrative path through Ulster, detailing sensitive, unbiased portraits of the ordinary-and not so ordinary-people caught in the partisan brutality of Northern Ireland.


Much of Belfast owes its being to the Victorian linen mill masters, who, with true Christian charity and a shrewd eye for productivity, built row upon row of workers' houses marching with the symmetry of the Brigade of...

Praise for Only Wounded

"Throughout the collection are several stories relating the strong friendship between Pat and Neil, Catholic and Protestant, which offer a glimmer of hope for the future of a Northern Ireland in which all people, regardless of their religion, can live in peace...This book is highly recommended." - Historical Novel Society -

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Patrick Taylor

PATRICK TAYLOR, M.D., was born and raised in Bangor County Down in Northern Ireland. He is the New York Timesbestselling author of the Irish Country series that began with An Irish Country Doctor. Dr. Taylor is a distinguished medical researcher, offshore sailor, model-boat builder, and father of two grown children. He now lives on Saltspring Island, British Columbia.

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