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Full Fathom Five

Full Fathom Five

A Novel of the Craft Sequence

Craft Sequence (Volume 3)

Max Gladstone

Tor Books


“This is the best kind of urban fantasy, filled with diverse characters and thought-provoking philosophies.” —The Washington Post

Max Gladstone's Craft Sequence chronicles the epic struggle to build a just society in a modern fantasy world.

On the island of Kavekana, Priestess Kai builds gods to order—sort of. Kai's creations are perfect vehicles for Craftsmen and Craftswomen operating in the Old World. For beyond the ocean, true deities still thrive, untouched by the God Wars that stransformed the city-states of Alt Coulumb and Dresediel Lex.

When Kai tries to save a friend's dying idol, she's graveley injured—then sidelined from the business, her near-suicidal rescue attempt offered up as proof of her instability. But when Kai gets tired of hearing her boss, her coworkers, and her ex-boyfriend call her crazy, and digs into the cause of the idol's death, she uncovers a conspiracy of silence and fear that will break her if she can't break it first.

Set in a phenomenally built world in which lawyers ride lightning bolts, souls are currency, and cities are powered by the remains of fallen gods, Max Gladstone's Craft Sequence introduces readers to a modern fantasy landscape and an epic struggle to build a just society.

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Lambda Literary Award - Nominee


The idol would drown that night.

"Death projected for half past one A.M.," ran the memo Kai read at lunchtime on the volcano's break room bulletin board. "Direct all inquiries to Mara Ceyla." Another business update...

Praise for Full Fathom Five

"Gladstone continues to trump his already considerable accomplishments in this tightly paced fantasy legal thriller."—Publishers Weekly

"This is some of the smartest, most original and sophisticated world-building I've read in years, and fun, and fast-paced, and did I mention smart?"—NPR

"A gripping, smart story that has you running through the pages trying to keep up."—Portland Book Review

“While it’s the richness of the world that initially draws a reader in—his places feel fully lived in rather than meticulously constructed—it’s [Gladstone's] voice that keeps you there.” —Locus

"An intelligent, entertaining and gripping thriller.”


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Max Gladstone

MAX GLADSTONE went to Yale, where he wrote a short story that became a finalist in the Writers of the Future competition. He lives in Boston, Massachusetts. Full Fathom Five is his third novel.

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