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In the Woods

In the Woods

Carrie Jones and Steven E. Wedel

Tor Teen


New York Times bestselling author Carrie Jones teams up with acclaimed cowriter Steven Wedel in the supernatural mystery, In the Woods

It should have been just another quiet night on the farm when Logan witnessed the attack, but it wasn’t.

Something is in the woods.
Something unexplainable.
Something deadly.

Hundreds of miles away, Chrystal’s plans for summer in Manhattan are abruptly upended when her dad reads tabloid coverage of some kind of grisly incident in Oklahoma. When they arrive to investigate, they find a witness: a surprisingly good-looking farm boy.

As townsfolk start disappearing and the attacks get ever closer, Logan and Chrystal will have to find out the truth about whatever’s hiding in the woods…before they become targets themselves.



I look at the lines I’ve just written, read them again, then again. I don’t like them. Walt Whitman and Robert Frost probably never wrote such horrible poems. Maybe if I add one more couplet to the one I have,...

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Carrie Jones and Steven E. Wedel

CARRIE JONES is the New York Times bestselling author of the Need series, Flying, and other books for teens.
She is a distinguished alum of Vermont College's MFA Program and a volunteer firefighter in Maine.

STEVEN E. WEDEL is a high school English teacher, and lives with his wife and children in Oklahoma. He is the author, with Carrie Jones, of After Obsession.

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Tor Teen

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