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Rage of the Dragon

Rage of the Dragon

A Dragonships of Vindras Novel

Dragonships of Vindras (Volume 3)

Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman

Tor Fantasy


Skylan Ivorson is the gods-chosen Chief of all Vindras clans. But the gods from whom the Vindrasi draw their earth-dwelling power are besieged by a new generation of gods challenging them for the powers of creation. The only way to stop these brash interlopers lies within the Five Bones of the Vektia Dragon—which have been lost for generations. With the Gods of the New Dawn amassing a vast army, Skylan finds allies in former enemies. They must sail the Sea of Tears into the Forbidden Empire of the Cyclops to implement a cunning yet delicate plan that risks Skylan's life and leadership at every corner. But a new enemy lies deep in the sea, one who draws upon powers never harnessed by land dwellers.

New York Times bestselling authors Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman deliver another action-packed Dragonships novel with Rage of the Dragon.


"Where's Keeper?" Sigurd asked, peering down into the hold.
"Dead," said Skylan.
His comrades stared at him in shocked silence. Then some of the men glanced grimly at the ogre ships with their triangular...

Praise for Rage of the Dragon

“Weis and Hickman again demonstrate their talent for world-building and for creating likable yet flawed heroes. This Norse-flavored series opener should have a large following.” —Library Journal on Bones of the Dragon

“Weis and Hickman have created a believably human story out of their mix of saga and sorcery.” —Publishers Weekly on Bones of the Dragon

“Certain to have a particularly strong appeal for lovers of fantastical seas stories, this book will add luster to its authors' reputation as purveyors of classic quest tales.” —Booklist on Rage of the Dragon

“This is one of my favorite books this year. It is a great adventure, a sea story, rousingly romantic and I cannot wait for the final volume.” —Librariandoa on Rage of the Dragon

“Yet another excellent story by Weis and Hickman, full of rich world building and surprises.” —Lisasworldofbooks on Rage of the Dragon

“Will leave fans of the series eager for the next entry.” —Kirkus Reviews


Reviews from Goodreads

Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman

MARGARET WEIS and TRACY HICKMAN published their first novel in the Dragonlance™ Chronicles, Dragons of Autumn Twilight, in 1984. Over twenty years later they are going strong, collaborating on more than thirty novels. Margaret Weis lives in Williams Bay, Wisconsin. Tracy Hickman lives in Utah.

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