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The Man in the Tree

The Man in the Tree

A Novel

Sage Walker

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Humanity’s last hope of survival lies in space…but will a random death doom the venture?

Our planet is dying and the world’s remaining nations have pooled their resources to build a seed ship that will carry colonists on a multi-generational journey to a distant planet.

Everything is set for a bright adventure…and then someone is found hanging dead just weeks before the launch. Fear and paranoia spread as the death begins to look more and more like a murder. The authorities want the case settled quickly and quietly so as not to cause panic…and to prevent a murderer from sabotaging the entire mission.

With The Man in the Tree, Locus Award-winning author Sage Walker has given us a thrilling hard science fiction mystery that explores the intersection of law, justice, and human nature.

“Rapid-fire storytelling from start to finish!”—Greg Bear



Pleasure Centers

The sun in the hollow center of Kybele is supported by six Eiffel Towers.

In daylight, the clusters of petals near the top of the towers, closed, look like bulbous minarets. As they unfold,...


Praise for The Man in the Tree

Praise for The Man in the Tree

“Sage Walker writes some of our genre's most beautiful prose, and somehow manages to wrap it around painstakingly researched science fiction with compelling characters and breathless plots. And this book might be her best work yet.”—James SA Corey

“Walker is fashioning a wondrous world, and breathing life into that world’s inhabitants that is unmatched in science fiction.”—Melinda Snodgrass

“A story of an intelligent, thoughtful man threading that needle’s eye where law, justice, and the human heart converge, one careful step at a time.”—Kathleen Ann Goonan

Praise for Whiteout

Whiteout brilliantly demonstrates that humankind can invest technology with the entire spectrum of our energy, grief, wisdom, sensuality, wonder...”—Locus

“A richly detailed novel.”—Asimov’s Science Fiction Magazine

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About the author

Sage Walker

SAGE WALKER is the author of Whiteout, which garnered critical acclaim and won the Locus Award for Best First Novel. She was born in Oklahoma and grew up steeped in simile and sultry south wind from the Gulf. She entered college as a music major and exited with a B.S. in Zoology and eventually a M.D. A long time Taos resident, her company established the first full-time Emergency Physician coverage in hospitals in Taos, Los Alamos, and Santa Fe. She stopped practicing in 1987 and describes herself as a burned-out ER doc who enjoys wilderness, solitude, good company...and telling stories.

Sage Walker

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Sage Walker

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September 16, 2017

Meet Sage Walker as she reads from her new novel The Man in the Tree.




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