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Bailey's Story

Bailey's Story

A Puppy Tale

A Puppy Tale

W. Bruce Cameron



Now in paperback! Bailey's Story is an irresistible illustrated novel for young readers inspired by the New York Times bestselling A Dog's Purpose by W. Bruce Cameron

Every dog has work to do. Every dog has a purpose.

When Bailey meets eight-year-old Ethan, he quickly figures out his purpose: to play with the boy, to explore the Farm during summers with the boy, and to tidy the boy's dishes by licking them clean (only when Mom isn't watching). But Bailey soon learns that life isn't always so simple—that sometimes bad things happen—and that there can be no greater purpose than to protect the boy he loves.

Bailey's Story is a moving tale about a dog and his boy for young animal lovers by W. Bruce Cameron, bestselling author of the acclaimed novel A Dog's Purpose. Adorable black-and-white illustrations by Richard Cowdrey bring Bailey and his world to life. A discussion and activity guide at the end of the book will help promote family and classroom discussions about Bailey's Story and the insights it provides about humankind's best friends.


One day it occurred to me that the warm, squeaky, smelly things squirming around next to me were my brothers and sisters. I was very disappointed.

For a little while now, I had been pushing and shoving those wiggling objects...

Praise for Bailey's Story

“It is often said that dogs are man’s best friend, and this book proves it as readers experience life as a dog through Bailey’s narration. Middle-grade students who love animals will enjoy Bailey’s character....Readers will laugh out loud at his antics and feel tears in their eyes at the way Bailey worries about Ethan. The simple black-and-white illustrations capture the feeling of Bailey’s journey to discover his true purpose in life. Overall, this is a very heartwarming story.”—VOYA

“Through this heartwarming story about a dog’s unconditional love for his best friend, readers learn about life from a dog’s perspective. They learn that dogs understand human language, emotions, and behavior; and, although dogs cannot speak, they communicate in other ways.” —Children’s Literature


W. Bruce Cameron

W. BRUCE CAMERON is the #1 New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of A Dog’s Purpose, A Dog’s Journey, A Dog’s Way Home (all now major motion pictures), The Dog Master, Ellie's Story, Molly’s Story, Max’s Story, Shelby’s Story, The Dogs of Christmas, The Midnight Plan of the Repo Man, and others. He lives in California.

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W. Bruce Cameron

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