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Prettyboy Must Die

Prettyboy Must Die

A Novel

Kimberly Reid

Tor Teen


A CIA prodigy's cover is blown when he accidentally becomes an internet sensation in #Prettyboy Must Die, Kimberly Reid's fun, fast thriller inspired by the #Alexfromtarget story and perfect for fans of Alex Rider.

When Peter Smith’s classmate snaps a picture of him during a late night run at the track, Peter thinks he might be in trouble. When she posts that photo—along with the caption, “See the Pretty Boy Run,”—Peter knows he’s in trouble. But when hostiles drop through the ceiling of his 6th period Chem Class, Peter’s pretty sure his trouble just became a national emergency.

Because he’s not really Peter Smith. He’s Jake Morrow, former foster-kid turned CIA operative. After a massive screw-up on his first mission, he's on a pity assignment, a dozen hit lists and now, social media, apparently. As #Prettyboy, of all freaking things.

His cover’s blown, his school’s under siege, and if he screws up now, #Prettyboy will become #Deadboy faster than you can say, 'fifteen minutes of fame.' Trapped in a high school with rabid killers and rabid fans, he’ll need all his training and then some to save his job, his school and, oh yeah, his life.

At the Publisher's request, this title is being sold without Digital Rights Management Software (DRM) applied.


Colorado, U.S.A. | Fall Semester

It’s just after twenty-one hundred hours, and the track and field complex is deserted, but I can’t shake the feeling I’m being followed. Seven months after leaving Ukraine, I’m...

Praise for Prettyboy Must Die

“Die Hard + Mission: Impossible = this book. Say hello to your next favorite action hero!” -- Lamar Giles, award-winning author of Fake ID

"Kimberly Reid’s immensely likable hero hooked me from the first page, and twist after twist kept me wondering who I could trust all the way to the end of this clever thriller. #Prettyboy is #reallyfun!" -- Maggie Hall, author of The Conspiracy of Us

“A fast-paced thriller crackling with romance, twists, and international intrigue. What’s not to love?”--Kara Thomas, author of The Darkest Corners


Reviews from Goodreads

Kimberly Reid

Kimberly Reid prepared early for life as a writer of criminals, sleuths, and international spies—even if she didn’t realize it back then. She lucked into a family who works in police departments, courtrooms, and as private investigators. She attended a high school focused on international relations and later, studied national security policy in college. Now Kimberly lives in Colorado and writes stories about all of those things. Her books include Prettyboy Must Die, Perfect Liars, and My Own Worst Frenemy and the memoir No Place Safe, which has been optioned for television by ABC Signature studios and Oscar-winning screenwriter John Ridley.

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Marielle Riersgard

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