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The Branch and the Scaffold and Billy Gashade

The Branch and the Scaffold and Billy Gashade

Two Complete Novels

Loren D. Estleman

Forge Books


Two westerns from Spur Award-Winning author Loren D. Estleman, now in mass market paperback: The Branch and the Scaffold and Billy Gashade

The Branch and the Scaffold
When Judge Isaac Parker first arrived in Fort Smith, Arkansas, the town had thirty saloons and one bank. Never flinching from his duty, Parker and his marshals, dubbed “Parker’s Men,” ran up against some of the most colorful and dangerous outlaws the west had to offer, including the notorious Dalton Gang; Belle Starr, the Bandit Queen; the murderous Cherokee Bill; and Ned Christie.

Billy Gashade
A piano player wanders the Old West, meeting up with famous characters such as Frank and Jesse James, Oscar Wilde, and William "Billy the Kid" Bonney, among others, and finds that they were neither as bad or as good as their reputations suggested.


Two long blasts on the whistle, each bent in the middle by the wind on the river. It seemed to be shrieking his name.

“Well, they’ll know we’re coming.” Mary Parker took her fingers from her ears.

“I think...

Praise for The Branch and the Scaffold and Billy Gashade

Praise for Loren D. Estleman

"His dialogue rivals that of the late Elmore Leonard."

"A true professional, a writer of a sort increasingly given to his work as to spontaneously combust to genius."
--The Boston Globe

"Estleman could rewrite the Ann Arbor phone book and I'd pay to take a peek."
--Chicago Sunday Tribune


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Loren D. Estleman

LOREN D. ESTLEMAN has written more than seventy books--historical novels, mysteries, and westerns. Winner of four Shamus Awards, five Spur Awards, and three Western Heritage Awards, his books include Ace & Eights, The Adventures of Johnny Vermillion, Alive!, and American Detective. He lives in Central Michigan with his wife, author Deborah Morgan.

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Deborah Morgan

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