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Yukon Alone

Yukon Alone

The World's Toughest Adventure Race

John Balzar

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The Yukon Quest International Sled Dog Race is one of the most challenging sporting events in the world. Every February, a handful of hardy souls spends over two weeks racing sleds pulled by fourteen dogs over 1,023 miles of frozen rivers, icy mountain passes, and spruce forests as big as entire states, facing temperatures that drop to forty degrees below zero on nights that are seventeen hours long.

Why would anyone want to enter this race? John Balzar-who moved to Alaska and lived on the trail-treats us to a vivid account of the grueling race itself, offering an insightful look at the men and women who have moved to this rugged and beautiful place. Readers will also be fascinated by Balzar's account of what goes into the training and care of the majestic dogs who pull the sleds and whose courage, strength, and devotion make them the true heroes of this story.

Yukon Alone


"Mush-on" ... is the dog-drivers' rendering of the French-Canadian driver's command of "marche on"--to go--hence, also the Alaskan verb "to mush," meaning to travel, in dog driving.

Praise for Yukon Alone

“The best book on the Far North since Barry Lopez's Arctic Dreams.” —Tim Cahill, Los Angeles Times

“A fascinating, brutally honest look at a culture bound only by the will and strength of those who embrace it.” —People

“[Balzar's] wonderful account of the Yukon Quest is a treat without the frostbite.” —The Seattle Times

“Balzar brings the contest alive in stirring prose that ss tingles up your spine.” —USA Today

“...This is one man-against-nature battle that has found its bard.” —Entertainment Weekly

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John Balzar

John Balzar, a roving correspondent for the Los Angeles Times, was awarded the Scripps Howard Foundation Prize for human interest writing. Balzar has worked as a river boatman in Alaska and sailed across the Pacific. He lives in Portland, Oregon.

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