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Devices and Desires

Devices and Desires

A History of Contraceptives in America

Andrea Tone

Hill and Wang


Trade Paperback

From thriving black market to big business, the commercialization of birth control in the United States

In Devices and Desires, Andrea Tone breaks new ground by showing what it was really like to buy, produce, and use contraceptives during a century of profound social and technological change. A down-and-out sausage-casing worker by day who turned surplus animal intestines into a million-dollar condom enterprise at night; inventors who fashioned cervical caps out of watch springs; and a mother of six who kissed photographs of the inventor of the Pill -- these are just a few of the individuals who make up this riveting story.

Praise for Devices and Desires

“Once in a while, you come across a book that is so original, so persuasive, so meticulously researched and documented . . .” —Barbara Seaman, The Nation

“. . . Tone brings an original dimension to the story [of birth control] and . . . offers fascinating vignettes of small-time birth control entrepreneurs.” —Daniel J. Kevles, The New York Times Book Review


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Andrea Tone

Andrea Tone, an associate professor of history at the Georgia Institute of Technology, is the author of The Business of Benevolence and the editor of Controlling Reproduction: An American History. She lives in Decatur, Georgia.

Hill and Wang

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