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The Seven Signs of Ethical Collapse

The Seven Signs of Ethical Collapse

How to Spot Moral Meltdowns in Companies... Before It's Too Late

Marianne M. Jennings, J.D.

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Do you want to make sure you
· Don't invest your money in the next Enron?
· Don't go to work for the next WorldCom right before the crash?
· Identify and solve problems in your organization before they send it crashing to the ground?

Marianne Jennings has spent a lifetime studying business ethics---and ethical failures. In demand nationwide as a speaker and analyst on business ethics, she takes her decades of findings and shows us in The Seven Signs of Ethical Collapse the reasons that companies and nonprofits undergo ethical collapse, including:
· Pressure to maintain numbers
· Fear and silence
· Young 'uns and a larger-than-life CEO
· A weak board
· Conflicts
· Innovation like no other
· Belief that goodness in some areas atones for wrongdoing in others

Don't watch the next accounting disaster take your hard-earned savings, or accept the perfect job only to find out your boss is cooking the books. If you're just interested in understanding the (not-so) ethical underpinnings of business today, The Seven Signs of Ethical Collapse is both a must-have tool and a fascinating window into today's business world.

The Seven Signs of Ethical Collapse

What Are the Seven Signs? Where Did They Come From? Why Should Anyone Care?
Predicting rain doesn't count; building arks does.
--Warren Buffett, from his 2001 letter...

Praise for The Seven Signs of Ethical Collapse

"It is difficult to imagine a more thorough and vivid qualitative description of ethical issues and their moral consequences than Jennings' Seven Signs of Ethical Collapse... Recommended to all leaders wondering about how to strengthen the ethical fiber of their organizations." – Journal of Applied Christian Leadership, St. Andrews University

"Both a must-have tool and a fascinating window into today’s business world." - Chief of Naval Operations Professional Reading Program


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Marianne M. Jennings, J.D.

MARIANNE M. JENNINGS is a professor at Arizona State University and the author of A Business Tale. She speaks often on business and ethics. Her weekly columns are syndicated around the country, and her work has appeared in The Wall Street Journal, Chicago Tribune, The New York Times, The Washington Post, and Reader's Digest. She lives in Mesa, Arizona.

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Marianne M. Jennings

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