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The Courage of Truth

The Courage of Truth

The Government of Self and Others II; Lectures at the Collège de France, 1983--1984

Lectures at the Collège de France (Volume 8)

Michel Foucault; Edited by Arnold I. Davidson; Translated by Graham Burchell



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The Courage of the Truth is the last course that Michel Foucault delivered at the Collège de France. Here, he continues the theme of the previous year's lectures in exploring the notion of "truth-telling" in politics to establish a number of ethically irreducible conditions based on courage and conviction. His death, on June 25th, 1984, tempts us to detect the philosophical testament in these lectures, especially in view of the prominence they give to the themes of life and death.


Praise for The Courage of Truth

“[Foucault] has an alert and sensitive mind that can ignore the familiar surfaces of established intellectual codes and ask new questions . . . [He] gives dramatic quality to the movement of culture.” —The New York Review of Books

“Foucault is quite central to our sense of where we are.” —The Nation

“These lectures offer important insights into the evolution of the primary focus of Foucault's later work--the relationship between power and knowledge.” —Library Journal

“Ideas spark off nearly every page . . . The words may have been spoken in [the 1970s], but they seem as alive and relevant as if they had been written yesterday.” —Bookforum

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About the author

Michel Foucault; Edited by Arnold I. Davidson; Translated by Graham Burchell

Michel Foucault, acknowledged as the preeminent philosopher of France in the 1970s and 1980s, continues to have enormous impact throughout the world in many disciplines. He died in 1984.

Arnold I. Davidson is the Robert O. Anderson Distinguished Service Professor at the University of Chicago and professor of the History of Political Philosophy at the University of Pisa. He is coeditor of the volume Michel Foucault: Philosophie.

Graham Burchell is a Translator, and has written essays on Michel Foucault. He is an editor of The Foucault Effect.

Michel Foucault

Arnold I. Davidson

Arnold I. Davidson

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