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Book 4 of the Shipwreck Island Series

Shipwreck Island (Volume 4)

S. A. Bodeen

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Don't miss Found, the heart-pounding conclusion to the Shipwreck Island middle-grade series from author S. A. Bodeen, a stunning, wilderness survival adventure from start to finish.

Sarah Robinson and her family are shipwrecked on a remote and mysterious island. Their food is scarce and there's no sign of rescue. They have seen strange creatures, rescued a mysterious girl, and found the Curator, who has captured Sarah's father and stepbrother to use in a bizarre time travel experiment. And then the only man who knows about their island comes back—he's looking for buried treasure, and won't leave without it, even if it means leaving the Robinsons stranded.

Time is running out. They must get off the island.

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Shipwreck Island



Sarah Robinson was in a tunnel of trouble, long and dark with no light whatsoever at the end. Worse, there was absolutely no one to lead her out.

For three days and nights, her family...

Praise for Found

Praise for Shipwreck Island:

“Exciting series debut . . . Intensely readable and will be excellent for reluctant readers.” —School Library Journal

“Will leave readers hungry for a second helping.” —Kirkus Reviews


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S. A. Bodeen

S. A. Bodeen is the author of several acclaimed teen novels, including The Compound, and of Shipwreck Island, the first book in this series for middle-grade readers. She lives in Minnesota with her family.

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