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What Body Part Is That?

What Body Part Is That?

A Wacky Guide to the Funniest, Weirdest, and Most Disgustingest Parts of Your Body

Andy Griffiths, Illustrated by Terry Denton

Square Fish


In its 68 fully illustrated, 99.9% fact-free chapters, Andy Griffiths's and Terry Denton's What Body Part Is That? will explain everything you ever needed to know about your body without the boring technical jargon and scientific accuracy that normally clog up the pages of books of this type.

Never again will you be stuck for an answer when somebody comes up to you, points at a part of your body and demands to know, "What body part is that?"

That is all there is to know about this book.

1. Head

Your head sits on top of your neck.
It has seven holes: two eye holes, two ear holes, two nose holes, and one cake hole.
You put pictures into your eye holes, sounds into your ear holes, air into your nose holes, and...

Praise for What Body Part Is That?

“Clever…boys will love it.” —Kirkus Reviews

“A goofy take on human anatomy.” —School Library Journal


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Andy Griffiths, Illustrated by Terry Denton

ANDY GRIFFITHS is the New York Times–bestselling author of Killer Koalas From Outer Space, The Big Fat Cow that Goes Kapow, and The Cat on the Mat is Flat. He lives in Australia.

TERRY DENTON has worked with Andy on many books, including Killer Koalas From Outer Space and The Big Fat Cow that Goes Kapow. He lives in Australia with his wife and three kids.

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Terry Denton

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