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How to Defend Yourself

How to Defend Yourself

Unarmed Combat Skills that Work

Martin J. Dougherty

St. Martin's Griffin


Trade Paperback

Effective self-defense is a matter of playing the odds-- increasing your own advantages and decreasing those of your opponent. Written in clear easy-to-understand detail, How to Defend Yourself gives readers the tools to safely defend themselves. In this step-by-step illustrated guide, experienced martial arts instructor Martin Dougherty teaches a wide range of defense techniques, including:

- Dealing with grabs, punches and kicks
- Using blocks, deflections and evasions
- Identifying potential threats
- Preemptive hits and counterattacks

Comprehensive and essential, How to Defend Yourself is an invaluable guide to get out of potentially difficult situations while coming to minimal harm.


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About the author

Martin J. Dougherty

MARTIN J DOUGHERTY is Director of Coaching to the All-Styles Martial Arts Association and a Senior Assessor with the Self-Defense Federation, holding black belts in two styles of Ju-Jitsu as well as self-defense. His martial arts career has encompassed ju-jitsu, kickboxing and self-defense as well as military combative systems. Martin has worked in the defense and security industry, where he is an expert on weapon systems and asymmetric conflict.

Martin J Dougherty

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