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The Throwaway

The Throwaway

A Thriller

Michael Moreci

Forge Books


THROWAWAY [throh-uh-wey] – Noun - An agent who is considered expendable.

Mark Strain had it all: beautiful wife, a baby on the way, and a skyrocketing career as a D.C. lobbyist. But when Mark is violently abducted from his home by masked men, everything he knows is turned upside down.

They say Mark committed treason. They say he's a traitor to the United States.

They say he's a spy.


Flughafen Wien-Schwechat / Vienna International Airport 0200 hours

Gregori watched as the American disembarked the plane onto the tarmac, wondering if the handcuffs were necessary. Ultimately, it didn’t matter....

Praise for The Throwaway

"Michael Moreci bursts on the scene with an adrenaline-fueled thriller coupling high stakes international intrigue with a gripping domestic storyline. The pages fly by as if on autopilot--an absolute must-read!" —Ward Larsen, USA Today bestselling author of Assassin's Run

"Timely, evocative and vibrantly of-the-moment." —Alex Segura, author of Silent City

"A great debut espionage tale from Michael Moreci." —Mark Henshaw, author of the Red Cell series

"Moreci balances character with plot very well."— LA Times on Black Star Renegades

"Michael Moreci has written a story that feels both classic and contemporary. The Throwaway hits close to home in our current climate. Maybe too close . . ." —Alex Tse, screenwriter of Watchmen

“Michael Moreci has created a relentless, timely, edge-of-your-seat thriller. I couldn’t turn the pages fast enough.” —Jay Faerber, author of Noble Causes

"The high-speed cinematic narrative will leave the reader breathless." —Publishers Weekly

"A fast-moving, entertaining read." —Booklist


Reviews from Goodreads

Michael Moreci

MICHAEL MORECI is the author of Black Star Renegades and its sequel, We Are Mayhem. In the comics world, he's written Superman, The Flash, Batman, and other iconic DC superheroes. He's also the creator of numerous original comics series, including Roche Limit, Wasted Space, Hoax Hunters, and Curse. Michael lives outside Chicago with his wife, sons, and their dog.

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