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Saucer: Savage Planet

Saucer: Savage Planet

A Novel

Saucer (Volume 3)

Stephen Coonts

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Life on Earth
In Stephen Coonts's Savage Planet, one year after engineering student Rip Cantrell discovered the first flying saucer buried deep in the sands of the Sahara, another saucer is brought up from the bottom of the Atlantic. The recovery is funded by a pharmaceutical executive who believes that the saucer holds the key to an antiaging drug formula-one that could allow space travelers to voyage between galaxies. Adam Solo, an alien marooned on Earth for more than a thousand years, steals the saucer, hoping to summon a starship to rescue him...but the communications gear is damaged. So he looks to Rip Cantrell and his partner, ex-Air Force test pilot Charlotte "Charley" Pine, for help.

Will never be the same
Meanwhile, as a terrified world fearful of space invaders approaches meltdown, big pharma moguls and their thugs are hot on the trail of Rip, Charley, and Solo. In a world turned upside down, it may be the arriving aliens who offer limitless possibilities. Rip and Charley face an incredible decision: Do they dare leave the relative safety of Earth-and travel into the great wilderness of the unknown?

This edition of the book is the deluxe, tall rack mass market paperback.

Praise for Saucer: Savage Planet

“Coonts knows how to write and build suspense.” —The New York Times Book Review

“[A] fast-paced…superb…combination of thriller and sci-fi.” —Booklist


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Stephen Coonts

STEPHEN COONTS is the author of more than thirty critically acclaimed and New York Times bestselling books that have been translated and published around the world. His novels include Flight of the Intruder, The Disciple, The Assassin, and the Deep Black and Saucers series. A former naval aviator and Vietnam combat veteran, he is a graduate of West Virginia University and the University of Colorado School of Law. He lives in Colorado.

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Deborah Coonts

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