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Mary Jemison: Native American Captive

Mary Jemison: Native American Captive

Based on a True Story

E. F. Abbott

Feiwel & Friends


What happens when everything you know is suddenly ripped away? This is the fate of Mary Jemison, a fifteen-year-old frontier girl living in Pennsylvania in 1758. How does Mary find the will to carry on?

During the French and Indian War, Mary is captured by a band of French and Shawnee warriors and led deep into the woods. After her family is killed, Mary is traded to the Seneca and taken in by two sisters. Renamed Dehgewanus, she finds her place among the Seneca and embarks on a new way of life. But when given the choice, will Mary return to the world she once knew or remain with her adopted family?

Based on a True Story books are exciting historical fiction about real children who lived through extraordinary times in American History. This title has Common Core connections.


JULY 1743

A storm was coming. Black mountains of clouds blocked the setting sun. The ship sailed toward them. What else could it do? There was no shelter in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean.


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E. F. Abbott

E.F. Abbott is a pseudonym for Jane Kelley, author of The Desperate Adventures of Zeno and Ayla and other middle-grade novels. She lives in Brooklyn, NY.

Feiwel & Friends

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