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The Scarlett Letters

The Scarlett Letters

My Secret Year of Men in an L.A. Dungeon

Jenny Nordbak

St. Martin's Press


Jenny Nordbak takes us to a place that few have seen, but millions have fantasized about, revealing how she transformed herself from a USC grad lacking in confidence into an elite professional dominatrix who finds her own voice, power and compassion for others.

On an unorthodox quest to understand her hidden fantasies, Jenny led a double life for two years. By day she was a construction manager, but at night she became Mistress Scarlett. Working at LA’s longest-running dungeon, she catered to the secret fetishes of clients ranging from accountants to movie stars. She simultaneously developed a career in the complex and male-dominated world of healthcare construction, while spending her nights as a sex worker, dominating men. Far from the standard-issue powerful men who pay to be helpless, Mistress Scarlett’s clientele included men whose fantasies revealed more complex needs, from “Tickle Ed” to “Doggie Dan,” from the “Treasure Trolls” to “Ta-Da Ted.” The Scarlett Letters explores the spectacularly diverse array of human sexuality and the fascinating cast of characters that the author encountered along the way.


I was having a typical Monday. My foot worship client had been late, which meant I was now running a few minutes behind for an appointment with a new client. Sometimes new clients gave the desk Mistress an idea of what kind of...

Praise for The Scarlett Letters

"There are no comparisons for The Scarlett Letters, a wholly original jaunt through a life like none you've ever heard of before and will unquestionably not forget any time soon." - Newsweek

"Ex-dominatrix spills how cracking whips and enduring pain led to a happy ending..." - New York Daily News

"A dominatrix has revealed how Hollywood insiders get their kinky kicks without getting caught." - The New York Post

"The stories told in this book come at you from every angle: amusing, surprising, funny, touching, insightful. Connecting them all is the central story of a young woman in search of her own truth. This book takes the "coming of age" story to a whole new level. Beautifully done." - Dr. Christopher Ryan, New York Times Bestselling author of Sex at Dawn and host of Tangentially Speaking

"[An] entertaining read... Throughout, Nordbak is sympathetic in describing her clients as well as frank and funny about her own kinks." - Publishers Weekly

"If you've ever wondered exactly what goes on in the kink parlors of L.A., The Scarlett Letters: My Secret Year of Men in an L.A. Dungeon by USC grad Jenny Nordbak will enlighten." - LA Weekly


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Jenny Nordbak

JENNY NORDBAK earned a B.A in Interdisciplinary Archaeology from the University of Southern California. After graduating, she worked in healthcare construction. Jenny’s alter ego, Scarlett, is a dominatrix. Jenny spent two years leading a double life, secretly working as a professional dominant at a dungeon in Los Angeles. She lives in Los Angeles with her husband and son.

St. Martin's Press

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