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Hunter Killer

The War with China - The Battle for the Central Pacific

Dan Lenson Novels (Volume 17)

Author: David Poyer

Hunter Killer

Hunter Killer



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The war with China escalates—the dramatic and all-too-real seventeenth novel in the Dan Lenson naval-thriller series.
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World War with China explodes in Hunter Killer, David Poyer's dramatic new thriller. The United States stands nearly alone in its determination to fight, rather than give into the expansionist demands of the aggressive new “People’s Empire.” The naval and air forces of the Associated Powers – China, Pakistan, Iran, and North Korea – have used advanced technology and tactical nuclear weapons to devastate America's fleet in the Pacific, while its massive army forced humiliating surrenders on Japan, Taiwan, the Philippines, and other crucial allies.

Admiral Dan Lenson, commanding a combined US–South Korean naval force, and Commander Cheryl Staurulakis of USS Savo Island fight to turn the tide and prepare for an Allied counteroffensive. Meanwhile, SEAL operator Teddy Oberg escapes from a hellish POW camp and heads west through desolate mountains toward what he hopes will be freedom. Hector Ramos, an unwilling recruit, learns the Marine Corps has an ethos all its own. And in Washington, DC, Dan’s wife Blair Titus helps formulate America's political response to overwhelming setbacks in the Pacific and at on the home front.

Filled with dramatic battle scenes, from ship, submarine, and air warfare to desperate hand-to-hand Marine Corps combat, and informed by the author's own background as a Navy captain and defense analyst, Hunter Killer is a powerful, all-too-believable novel about how the next world war might unfold.

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"Gripping [...] Each book moves the story forward and primes readers for the thrills that are sure to come in future entries." - Publishers Weekly

"Terrifyingly real." - Booklist

"Poyer's dramatic true-to-life storytelling brings the unthinkable – the potential for a twenty-first-
century world war – into sharp focus." - Quarterdeck

"On par with Larry Bond and Rick Campbell, David Poyer’s Hunter Killer proves yet again that when it comes to dramatic naval thrillers, he’s one of the very best still working in the genre today." - The Book Spy

"Hunter Killer leaves Dan Lenson’s fate unresolved amid a scenario of a future war in Asia – a scenario we hope is not prescient – but readers will enjoy it." - The Virginian-Pilot

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Hunter Killer

Hunter Killer