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Rookie of the Year

Rip and Red (Volume 2)

Author: Phil Bildner; illustrated by Tim Probert

Rookie of the Year

Rookie of the Year


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In this second Rip and Red book, the boys' world is turned upside down when new-girl-in-town Tiki joins the Clifton United basketball team.
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Combining fast-paced action for young readers and fresh, humorous takes on school issues for teachers, this installment in the Rip and Red series is an illustrated chapter book that both audiences will love.

Just when they think they've got the hang of things, Rip and Red find that fifth grade continues to challenge them in head-spinning ways. Tiki, a new girl whose Egyptian dad is an animal-rights activist, has just joined their class. She's charismatic, funny—and she's got game! Rip has his world turned upside down as Tiki proves to be tough competition on the Clifton United basketball team and leads a rebellion against the lousy new food service in the school cafeteria. Red—a kid on the autism spectrum—is struggling with the upheavals as well. But as these two funky and funny best friends discover, sometimes radical change is the right move, on the court and off.

Phil Bildner and Tim Probert return to the Rip and Red series that started with A Whole New Ballgame in a sequel that is just as fun and entertaining as the first book, Rookie of the Year.

This title has Common Core connections.

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“This fast, fun read featuring characters who love books as much as basketball will appeal to sports fans and nonathletes alike.” —School Library Journal

“A diverse cast of characters highlights this good-natured, high-spirited slice of life.” —Kirkus Reviews

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Rookie of the Year

Rookie of the Year