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True Rescue: A Storm Too Soon

True Rescue: A Storm Too Soon

A Remarkable True Survival Story in 80-Foot Seas

True Rescue Series

Michael J. Tougias; illustrated by Mark Edward Geyer

Henry Holt and Co. (BYR)


When a sailboat disappears in the Gulf Stream during a disastrous storm, three weary sailors struggle to survive aboard a life raft in violent waves 80-feet tall in this illustrated chapter book adaptation (for readers 6-9) of A Storm Too Soon: : A Remarkable True Survival Story in 80-Foot Seas.

On May 2, 2007, three expert sailors embark on an epic voyage from Florida to France. But the trip of a lifetime soon turns into a nightmare when their sailboat disappears along the Gulf Stream in the throes of a relentless storm. From this point onward, their fate lies in the hands of four courageous coast guardsmen who must navigate brutal conditions in their Search and Rescue mission.

This second book in the True Rescue chapter book series is a suspenseful, incredible story that puts newly independent readers in the middle of the action.

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New York Times bestselling author Michael J. Tougias adapts his histories of real life stories for young readers in his True Rescue Series, capturing the heroism and humanity of people on life-saving missions during maritime disasters.

Illustrated Chapter Books for ages 6-9:
True Rescue: The Finest Hours
True Rescue: A Storm Too Soon

Young Readers Adaptations, for ages 9-14
The Finest Hours (Young Readers Edition)
A Storm Too Soon (Young Readers Edition)
Into the Blizzard (Young Readers Edition)
Attacked at Sea (Young Readers Edition)



Sixty-two-year-old Rudy Snel from Canada is standing in the warm Florida sunshine. He is outside an airport waiting to meet Jean Pierre de Lutz, the owner of a sailboat named...

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Michael J. Tougias; illustrated by Mark Edward Geyer

Michael J. Tougias is the author and coauthor of more than a dozen books, including two bestselling true-adventure and survival books, Ten Hours Until Dawn: A True Story of Heroism and Tragedy Aboard the Can Do and Fatal Forecast: An Incredible True Tale of Disaster and Survival at Sea.

Henry Holt and Co. (BYR)

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