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Super Happy Party Bears Boxed Set #1

Super Happy Party Bears Boxed Set #1

Gnawing Around; Knock Knock on Wood; Staying a Hive; Going Nuts

Super Happy Party Bears

Marcie Colleen; illustrated by Melinda Ackell



Trade Paperback

Join the party with this Super Happy Party Bears Boxed Set #1 from children's book author Marcie Colleen and illustrator Steve James

The Super Happy Party Bears are super happy all the time, but their neighbors in the Grumpy Woods are grumpy all the time. The other critters never want to join in the fun! Dancing, doughnuts, and nonstop cheer are not for them.

Yet the Grumpy Woods has had a lot of pesky newcomers—including snooty beavers, a noisy woodpecker, busy bees, and some very fierce squirrels! But through sheer optimism, positivity, and downright silliness, the bears always save the day with a celebration!

The Super Happy Party Bears Boxed Set #1 includes:
Super Happy Party Bears: Gnawing Around
Super Happy Party Bears: Knock Knock on Wood
Super Happy Party Bears: Staying a Hive
Super Happy Party Bears: Going Nuts

An Imprint Book

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Marcie Colleen; illustrated by Melinda Ackell

Marcie Colleen is the author of the picture books, Love, Triangle (2017) and The Adventure of the Penguinaut (2018). She’s a former classroom teacher and current Educational Consultant for the Picture Book Month initiative. She also creates Teacher’s Guides for picture books and middle grade novels and is a huge advocate for using children's fictional literature in the classroom.

Steve James has ten years experience in the art industry (animation, greeting cards and video game artwork). Super Happy Party Bears is his first children’s book series. Steve’s art is influenced by Adventure Time, Oliver Jeffers and walks in the countryside. He lives near Leeds, a vibrant city in the United Kingdom.

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Steve James