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Beach, Breeze, Bloodshed

Beach, Breeze, Bloodshed

A Teddy Creque Mystery

Teddy Creque Mysteries (Volume 2)

John Keyse-Walker

Minotaur Books




Sun, Sand, Murder by John Keyse-Walker is a winner. It is written with the coral clarity of a Caribbean atoll, and evokes an edgy rhythm that suits the protagonist, Teddy Creque, and his wholly authentic domain, the Virgin Islands.”—Randy Wayne White

After barely surviving the first criminal investigation in living memory on the sun-drenched British Virgin island of Anegada, Constable Teddy Creque has spent the past six months trying to weather the aftermath, and move on with his life. Now, with a promotion and a medal of honor, he’s newly committed to the job. So when a young woman dies in a shark attack off the coast of a neighboring island, Virgin Gorda, Teddy is happy to help when Deputy Commissioner Howard Lane orders him to capture the man-eater. But when Teddy arrives on Virgin Gorda, he begins to suspect there was human foul play involved, too.

After all, the sharks around the idyllic island aren’t known for attacking humans, and there are some oddities at the scene. Unfortunately, while Teddy is convinced that the woman’s death wasn’t accidental, not everyone on the island takes kindly to his meddling, and he’s forced to be creative in his pursuit of justice. In unfamiliar territory, and with his sole witness a silent child who communicates in unorthodox ways, Teddy must earn the trust of the reserved residents of the touristy island, tangle with a loquacious parrot, and follow the clues which might lead him directly into the path of a killer.

John Keyse-Walker, the winner of the 2015 Minotaur Books/Mystery Writers of America First Crime Novel Award, has written another taut, witty mystery that will keep readers mesmerized from the opening page to the stunning conclusion.


Chapter One

Violent death is part of a policeman’s job—witnessing it, dealing with its aftermath, informing the next of kin, capturing the perpetrators, and sometimes even avoiding having it visited upon oneself. I know because I have...


Praise for Beach, Breeze, Bloodshed

Praise for Sun, Sand, Murder:

“You’ll wish you were in the Caribbean.”—The New York Post

“Filled with enticing descriptions of the gorgeous beachesand local dishes…Sun, Sand, Murder is a vicarious trip to the tropics with a lightly told, compelling story. A perfect beach read.”—Cleveland Plain Dealer

“A surprising page-turner.”—Bookbrowse

“Spectacular as a Caribbean sunset, Teddy's debut is awell-paced puzzler no one should miss.”—Kirkus Reviews (starred review)

“This debut novel features a beautiful Caribbean setting, vibrant characters, lively plotting and pacing, and a memorable villain who will surprise you.”—Library Journal

Sun, Sand, Murder is a masterful island caper. A salty whodunnit that reads like a balmy breeze and a dip in the sea. Keyse-Walker surprises at every turn so grab your sunscreen and enjoy the ride!”—Shaun Morey, author of The Crooked Pearl and Incredible Fishing Stories

About the author

John Keyse-Walker

JOHN KEYSE-WALKER practiced law for 30 years, representing business and individual clients, educational institutions, and government entities. He is an avid salt- and freshwater angler, a tennis player, kayaker, and an accomplished cook. He lives in Ohio with his wife. His first novel, Sun, Sand, Murder, was the winner of the 2015 Minotaur Books/Mystery Writers of America First Crime Novel Award.

John Keyse-Walker

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