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Maker Comics: Bake Like a Pro!

Maker Comics: Bake Like a Pro!

Maker Comics

Falynn Koch

First Second


Maker Comics is the ultimate DIY guide. Inside this graphic novel you will find illustrated instructions for eight tasty treats!

Today is the first day of Sage’s magical internship! Her fellow wizards-in-training get to study pyromancy and transfiguration, but Sage has been assigned an internship in...baking? She doesn’t think that sounds fun, or particularly magical! But her instructor, Korian, insists that baking is a tasty form of alchemy. In an enchanted kitchen where the ingredients insist that you eat them, Sage learns the simple science behind baking—and that’s the best kind of magic trick!

In Bake Like a Pro!, you’ll learn how different combination of proteins, fats, and liquids will result in textures that lend themselves to perfect pies, breads, cookies, and more! Follow these simple recipes, and you’ll be able to bake a pizza and frost a cake—no magic necessary!

Follow the easy step-by-step instructions and you can make:

Chocolate chip cookies
Banana bread
Pizza dough
Cheesy biscuits
Apple pies
Sponge cake with Swiss buttercream frosting
Lemon meringue pie

Praise for Maker Comics: Bake Like a Pro!

"[I] was surprised by how much I learned and how much fun I had while doing it... Bake Like A Pro! strikes a balance in presenting us with enough of the science behind baking without having it feel overwhelming." —The Beat

"Offering challenging but realistically doable projects and specific explanations of background chemical and physical principles, these engaging guides will leave no wrench or spatula safe from middle and high school students (not to mention more intrepid grade schoolers)." —School Library Journal

"Koch delivers charmingly even as she illustrates loads of baking procedures and anthropomorphized ingredients clearly and specifically." —Booklist


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Falynn Koch

Falynn Koch is a writer and illustrator from Buffalo, New York, who loves traveling with her husband, Tucker, and her dog, Ghost. She has a master’s degree from the Savannah College of Art and Design in Atlanta, Georgia, is a graduate from the International Culinary Center in New York, New York, and is the former owner of a mac ‘n’ cheese food truck. Maker Comics: Bake Like a Pro! is her third book with First Second; the first two are Science Comics: Bats and Science Comics: Plagues. She’s a lover of animals (real and mythological), germs, and food history. Her favorite baked good is doughnuts.

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