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Mysticons: The Secret of the Fifth Mysticon

Mysticons: The Secret of the Fifth Mysticon


Liz Marsham



This original novel is based on the hit show Mysticons, and tells a brand-new adventure for our heroes!

Mysticon Knight Em is contacted by a mysterious spirit who claims to be the original Fifth Mysticon from eons ago. Em trusts the spirit, and convinces the other Mysticons to follow her on a quest through another dimension, uncovering ancient rituals and mysteries of the Mysticons of old. But then they discover a terrible secret about the Fifth Mysticon—one that threatens to tear the current team apart!

Mysticons characters, designs, and elements © 2018 Nelvana Limited. Mysticons is a trademark of Nelvana Limited. All rights reserved.

An Imprint Book


In Which Mares Are Saved, Orcs Are Bashed, a Choice Is Made, and a Voice Is Heard

As the Mysticons piled into the Stronghold, tired and elated and all talking at once, the first thing Em noticed was Doug. He and...

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Liz Marsham

Liz Marsham began her storytelling career as an editor for DC Comics and Disney Publishing. She lives in Los Angeles with her husband, a cat who thinks she is a princess, and a cat who thinks he is a dog.

Liz is the author of the Mysticons.