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Blood Mountain

Blood Mountain

James Preller

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Told in alternating points-of-view, James Preller's powerful middle-grade survival story will have readers on the edge of their seats.

Carter and his older sister Grace thought the hike with their dad and their dog would be uneventful. If anything, they figured it was Dad’s way of getting them off their screens for a while.

But the hike on Blood Mountain turns ominous, as the siblings are separated from their father, and soon, battling the elements. They are lost.

They are being hunted, but who will reach them first? The young ranger leading the search? Or the mysterious mountain man who has gone off the grid?



“Blood Mountain, huh? Nice name. Very reassuring. Why do you think they call it that?” Grace asks. “Was Hell Hole already taken?”

Grace’s father—a big bear of man, six two, 240...

Praise for Blood Mountain

"Combine a strenuous hike in an unfamiliar wilderness park, lost kids, a dangerous hermit, a rogue mountain lion, a faithful dog, and a savvy female ranger and you have the gist of Preller’s exciting thriller. ...Preller combines brave characters with vivid descriptions of the perilous mountain, grasping readers’ emotions in the same way as Gary Paulsen’s Hatchet series. Booklist

"For diehard fans of wilderness survival."--Kirkus Reviews

Praise for Bystander:

"Preller has perfectly nailed the middle school milieu, and his characters are well developed with authentic voices." —School Library Journal, starred review


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James Preller

James Preller is the author of several acclaimed standalone novels including Better off Undead, The Courage Test, The Fall, Bystander, and Six Innings, as well as the Jigsaw Jones and Scary Tales chapter book series. He lives in Delmar, New York, with his family.

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