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Stone Clock

Stone Clock

Spin Trilogy (Volume 3)

Andrew Bannister

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From Andrew Bannister, author of Creation Machine and Iron Gods, comes the final thrilling, heart-in-mouth science fiction novel of the Spin.

A hundred millennia has passed since the events of Iron Gods. The Spin is dying, and its few inhabitants live unknowingly in the relative paradise of one of hundreds of Virtual Realities—'vrealities'—or they scrape a living out of remains of the real world.

As the vrealities drain the last resources of the Spin, a rebellion which could kill millions sparks and gains momentum.

In a remote star system, an ancient insectoid called Skarbo the Horologist has studied The Spin for several lifetimes. Himself near to death, he makes a final journey to look his last on the object of his studies. There he learns of the artificial system's past, the real nature of the vrealities—and the part he has to play in theirfuture...

The Spin Trilogy
Creation Machine
Iron Gods
Stone Clock

Praise for Stone Clock

Praise for Iron Gods

With...Creation Machine, we seemed to have struck a nugget of SF gold. With Iron Gods our luck continues and it seems that with this new author we may well have found a vein of the stuff.”—Concatenation

Praise for Creation Machine

“This is space opera on steroids.”—Robert J. Sawyer, author of Quantum Night

“Conjures up the same kind of gnarly, lurid weirdness that made Iain M. Banks' SF epics so memorable.”—SFX

“An excellent read that ticked the boxes for me.”—Neal Asher

"Fast-paced, intelligent SF, action-packed and immersive."—Adrian Tchaikovsky

“A beautiful space opera.”—SciFi Now

“Great action . . . enjoyable and accessible.”—SF Book Reviews


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Andrew Bannister

ANDREW BANNISTER grew up in Cornwall and studied Geology at Imperial College and went to work in the North Sea before becoming an Environmental Consultant. He is active in voluntary work, focusing on children with special educational needs. Andrew is the author of the Spin trilogy (Creation Machine, Iron Gods, and Stone Clock).

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