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We Are the Ghosts

We Are the Ghosts

Vicky Skinner

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After her estranged brother suddenly dies, a girl embarks on a road trip to rediscover who her brother really was in Vicky Skinner's contemporary YA novel, We Are the Ghosts.

When Ellie's estranged brother, Luke, dies in a car accident, she's not sure whether to be devastated that she lost the person who was once her best friend or enraged, still, that he left without a word a year ago. Now, the only people who seem to understand what she's going through are Luke's best friend and his ex-girlfriend, who she bonds with over their desire to figure out where Luke went when he walked out of their lives.

As she gets closer to them, and closer to Cade, a boy who seems determined to get to know her better, she realizes that she’s not the only one with reasons to be angry at Luke. And when Ellie makes a discovery that changes everything, she and her new friends hit the road, hoping that following Luke's trail will bring them answers about the life Luke was living away from them.


I have a sex dream about James Dean the night I find out my brother is dead. I watched Rebel Without a Cause before bed, hours before my mother woke me in a panic, and it’s all I can think about while she tells me Luke’s...

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Vicky Skinner

Vicky Skinner was born and raised on Texas. She doesn't like country music or horseback-riding, but she does like her motorcycle-riding husband and her two adorable Labs. Everyone told her not to get a degree in Literature, but she did it anyway. She works as a full-time homemaker and a part-time nanny, and if she's not at home in her office/library, she's probably hanging out with her church group or eating at the nearest pizza place. How to Drown is her debut novel.

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Vicky Skinner