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You Be Daddy

You Be Daddy

Karla Clark; illustrated by Steph Lew

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A tired daddy lets his son have a turn being the parent at bedtime in Karla Clark'sYou Be Daddy, a humorously charming companion picture book to You Be Mommy, featuring illustrations by Steph Lew.

Daddy’s too tired to be Daddy tonight.
Can you be Daddy and hug me tight?

In this clever, rhyming picture book, a father tells his child that he's simply too tired to be Daddy tonight and asks his son to take over for him.

An utterly relatable theme told with humor and heart provides a story parents and children will delight in reading together at bedtime.

Reviews from Goodreads

Karla Clark; illustrated by Steph Lew

Karla Clark writes fiction for adults and children. She loves children and they love her back. Before her two sons were born, the neighbor kids would ring the doorbell and ask, "Can Karla come out and play?" Her nieces and nephews dubbed her "Aunty Fun." Karla lives in Rockford, Illinois with her husband and autistic son. When she's not writing, she creates decoupage paper collages that she sells at art shows. She is also the author of You Be Mommy.

Steph Lew
is a concept artist/illustrator from San Francisco, CA. When she's not drawing, she enjoys video games, baking, and propagating her succulents. But most of the time, she would be taking pictures of her shih tzu, Mango. Other books she has illustrated include So Big and So Small (John Coy), Can't Catch Santa! (Emily Cunningham), and the Little Golden Book It's a Small World!

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