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Wild, Willing, and Wise

An Interactive Guide for When to Paddle, When to Rest, and When to Jump Naked into the River of Life

Author: HeatherAsh Amara

Wild, Willing, and Wise

Wild, Willing, and Wise


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From author and teacher HeatherAsh Amara comes a revolutionary, interactive guide to the energies that make up the flow of our lives: Wild, Willing, and Wise--a...

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From author and teacher HeatherAsh Amara comes a revolutionary, interactive guide to the energies that make up the flow of our lives: Wild, Willing, and Wise--a contemporary reimagining of the Maiden, Mother, and Crone archetypes.

Whether we realize it or not, our lives are a constant cycle through three energies: the creativity and abundance of Wild, the courage and power of Willing, and the gratitude and surrender of Wise.

HeatherAsh provides in-depth descriptions of the three archetypes, detailing how each presents in excess and deficiency, so that readers can begin to recognize emotional turmoil and hardship as an imbalance of their energies. Combining anecdotes, self-reflection quizzes, simple exercises, and visualizations, Wild, Willing, and Wise teaches readers how to bring the three energies into balance in order to find inner freedom and alignment.

This interactive, radical guide is not a rule book, but an invitation into an ongoing journey. Join HeatherAsh Amara on her way to becoming fiercely engaged, wildly creative, unfailingly experimental, wonderfully confused, seriously delighted, and compassionately vulnerable.

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"This gorgeous book offers powerful insights for growth and expansion from a teacher of profound insights. The journal prompts offer real opportunities for sweet self-discovery along the downward flowing path. Goodbye 'one size fits all' spirituality and Hello to the unique path of The Warrior within. A true triumph!" —Kris Ferraro, International Energy Healer, speaker, and author of Manifesting, Your Difference Is Your Strength, and Energy Healing

"Wild, Willing, and Wise is the medicine we need to heal our fears and harness our creative power." —Cynthia Kane, author of How to Communicate like a Buddhist

"Amara’s newest book is brimming with insights - and humor - for how to summon and embrace the wildness and wisdom from deep in the entrails of your soul. I not only discovered brilliant guidance, but earthy practice shared with heartfelt humor." —Alberto Villoldo, PhD, medical anthropologist and bestselling author of Shaman, Healer, Sage and Grow a New Body

"Don't be deceived! HeatherAsh's Wild, Willing, and Wise may seem simple, but it's not. Beneath placid waters, deep discernment into why we behave the way we do awaits the reader, along with a sage and savvy guide who points out foibles, both obvious and hidden. Whether you're new to personal growth or well-traveled, treasures await you on this lively reading adventure. Climb aboard!" —Erica Mather, author Your Body, Your Best Friend

"An easy and inspiring path to self-understanding. HeatherAsh offers readers an accessible roadmap to becoming their wisest and most loving selves. With practical yet compassionate guidance, she provides concrete tools to help readers examine all aspects of themselves—even those they may not have noticed before. This is a must-read for anyone seeking inner wisdom and greater self-love." —Leisa Peterson, author of The Mindful Millionaire

"HeatherAsh takes us for a ride on the river of life that is as wild, willful and crazy-wise as her title promises. There's nary a cliché here but I am reminded of old perennial precepts I never want to forget. Don't push the river. You can't step in the same river twice. And, best and least known: I have not obstructed water when it should flow. That is part of the Negative Confession you are supposed to make if you exit this life, like an Egyptian, through the Hall of Osiris. HeatherAsh's passion for life on the white water edge is wonderfully contagious, bringing joy and juice. Join her at the edge; it's where everything interesting happens." —Robert Moss, bestselling author of Conscious Dreaming and Dreaming the Soul Back Home

"Wild, Willing, and Wise is HeatherAsh Amara’s delightful new guidebook on how to run the river of life without drowning in the rapids. All her usual curative feminist wisdom is present, but the instructions and advice are presented with such a light touch, you just think you’re having fun as you do the exercises and fill in the blanks. A much-needed antidote to the heaviness of our current moment in history! —Vicki Noble, co-creator of Motherpeace Tarot, author of Shakti Woman, healer, and international teacher

"Wild, Willing and Wise equips us with the necessary tools to gracefully navigate the tumultuous waters of our lives. HeatherAsh's teachings, both profound and accessible, are woven together with captivating personal anecdotes that help us embody and live the teachings. This book serves as a manual for living, one to come back to again and again, to assess and embrace our wild, willing, and wise nature. This is a must read!" —Banafsheh Sayyad, founder, Dance of Oneness

"HeatherAsh Amara’s latest book, Wild, Willing, and Wise, is a living exposé of our soul’s divine process of evolutionary maturation and intrinsic spiritual resiliency. This enchantingly insightful book is replete with wisely gestated self-transformational medicine for artfully navigating our wildly unpredictable times. Penned by a gifted storyteller and seasoned shamanic navigator of earthly and empyrean realms, HeatherAsh ’tells it like it is,’ transparently revealing her encounters with despair and hopelessness as a sacred pathway to empowered surrender and trusting relationship with our Great Originating Mystery. If you seek authentic life-beautifying guidance on lovingly deepening your earthly passerby experience, seek no more and read this book!" —don Oscar Miro-Quesada, author of Lessons in Courage and Common Sentience: Shamanism

"HeatherAsh Amara aka Warrior Goddess has done it again! In her beautifully articulated dynamic new book, she has reminded my heart and soul not to become overly weary or complacent with the turmoil everywhere around us. Instead it’s time to embrace my fears as I ride the currents of life with a wild willingness and discover new depths of wisdom within myself. Bravo Shamanic Soul Sis Star, all on board, let’s paddle onward together." —Linda Star Wolf, author of Shamanic Breathwork and founder of Venus Rising

"So damn good! HeatherAsh Amara guides us through a wondrous, honest and confronting journey along the river of life - with all its beauty, cascades, expansiveness, struggle, terror and wild rapids, calamities and mysteries and brings us safely to the shore with brilliant storytelling, reflections, visualizations and exercises to calm and claim ourselves and find our footing in a new, compassionate and loving way. This is a book you want to come back to again and again. I was left with the resounding, ‘But in that moment, I understood; it is all holy.’ Such an important and beautiful book." —Michelle MacEwan, Wild Wisdom

"In a delightfully irreverent and yet deeply spiritual workbook HeatherAsh Amara leads us on a healing journey to discover ways to live aligned, empowered and energized. The book is peppered with personal stories to illustrate points, filled with insight, meditations, and directives. Buy this book, do the work, feel the change! Better yet, get some friends together and work the magic as a group. You won’t regret it!" —Peggy Dylan, author of Femme Vitale

"As always in HeatherAsh's books - she finds a way through heartfelt life stories, to uncomplicate the churning whirlpool of thoughts in our minds so we can find inner peace and acknowledge our deepest truths. Although the concepts and analogies shared in this book might seem 'simple' - they are actually FAR from it. This is a well thought out, process orientated 'workbook,' that takes you from unawareness to profound ah-ha's. I love this book and I'm sure you will too." —Sheri Rosenthal, author of The Complete Idiot's Guide to Toltec Wisdom and Banish Mind Spam

"I know, when I’m compelled to read a book in the bathtub, that it is a cherished friend. The pages dogeared, crinkled from the drips and humidity, contain my scribbled notes of life reflections in smudgy ink. HeatherAsh Amara has crafted a compassionate summoning. A guidebook for navigating life’s waters with one’s authenticity as the ultimate compass; no matter how tumultuous or calm those waters may be. Gently approachable, honestly driven, through engaging storytelling and thoughtful practices, it is sure to be a cherished friend." —Kerry Cudmore, founder & director of Spiritual Finance Initiative, Inc.

"Amara’s newest book offers insights and humor for how to embrace the qualities of wildness, willingness, and wisdom. You’ll not only discover helpful guidance in these pages, hard-earned wisdom shared with heart and humor, but walk away feeling a soul renewal." —Melinda Cea, TV & Film Producer, The Bachelor & Bachelorette

"Wild, Willing, and Wise isn't a book you finish; it's a portal you enter. It's a homecoming to the vibrant, pulsating essence of who you truly are. So, take a deep breath, step into the flow, and let HeatherAsh be your guide on this exhilarating journey of self-discovery. The wild river of life awaits, and within its depths lies the treasure of your own wholeness. This book isn't just for women seeking archetypal guidance. It's for anyone yearning to break free from the confines of expectation and embrace the full spectrum of their humanity. It's for the artist longing to unsheathe their creative fire, the warrior ready to claim their inner strength, and the sage whispering wisdom in the quiet corners of their heart." —Olivia Beardsmore, founder of Burning Woman Festival

"HeatherAsh Amara’s steadfast devotion to unleashing one’s full potential is unwavering. In Wild, Willing, and Wise she presents a practical path to navigating life’s many ups and downs. At once personal and universal, lyrical and deep, this guide is overflowing with inspiration and sage advice." —Sarah Marshank, author of Selfistry and Being Selfish

"HeatherAsh is a wonderful author and teacher who lives the medicine of what she shares so passionately with others. Her joy and unbridled enthusiasm are irresistible! Dive into this book, ready to discover beautiful new seasons of life." —Stephen Mulhearn, filmmaker and Celtic Shamanic teacher

"Prepare to board the vessel that is who you know yourself to be and journey down the river of your life with Heatherash as your frank, funny, fierce, gentle and knowing guide. With the kind of delightful storytelling that can be expected from this author, we are deftly ushered into the flow and eddies of our lives with practical and easily accessible tools. Whether you make it a private solo weekend retreat, stretch it out over weeks or months, or just dip in when you need that friend dispensing the best kind of tough-love to pluck you out of the muck; “Wild, Willing and Wise” is a true and worthy guide." —Oceana Sawyer (she/we/they), author of Life, Death, Grief, and the Possibility of Pleasure

"In our modern history, many women have been disempowered, embracing a false sense of identity. However, each woman carries a genuine desire to serve and share unique gifts. HeatherAsh Amara courageously challenges these outdated beliefs in her interactive book, Wild, Willing, and Wise. This brilliant book guides women, and really all humans, in rediscovering the Wild, Willing, and Wise aspects within, transforming old archetypes of Maiden, Mother, and Crone. With deep insights, anecdotes, reflective exercises, quizzes, and visualizations, HeatherAsh empowers readers to find their true calling and balance their energies. This engaging book is a must-read for those seeking to break free from old beliefs, embracing a life of creative empowerment and freedom." —Sandra Ingerman MA, international shamanic teacher and award-winning author of 13 books including Soul Retrieval: Mending the Fragmented Self

"Whether you feel like you are paddling upriver or are caught in an eddy, or if you want to become a more skillful traveler in life, Wild Willing and Wise is the guidebook. This book feels like having a cup of tea with your favorite auntie: a cozy and comforting blend of humor and practical advice." —Betsy Chasse, filmmaker: What The Bleep Do We Know?! and author of Killing Buddha

"This practical step-by-step guide to summoning our own intuitive guidance is an invaluable resource in challenging times...Heatherash offers us the loving counsel that can help us navigate with impeccable care the challenges that life carries us towards each and every day. A book to keep handy and offer to friends when they need it most. "
—Perdita Finn, author of Take Back the Magic: Conversations with the Unseen World

"In an ocean of books and teachers that are concept-heavy but light on how to bring an inspiring idea into your lived reality, HeatherAsh Amara stands out. And so does her latest book, Wild, Willing, and Wise. I have known the author for many years and she walks her talk – sometimes across literal fire. This book is a guide, just as the author is, to finding and trusting your own inner sage, guide, and navigation system. If you know that there is more waiting for you in what Carlos Castaneda called 'the extravagant journey that is your life' – and you know that you need help breaking out of the old patterns, traumas, and beliefs that keep you feeling powerless – this book can help. If my recommendation has intrigued you, please take the next step: read this book. I leave you in good hands!" —Jacob Nordby, author of The Creative Cure: How Finding and Freeing Your Inner Artist Can Heal Your Life

"HeatherAsh Amara's Wild, Willing, and Wise is a captivating journey into the depths of self-discovery and empowerment. Through poignant storytelling and insightful wisdom, Amara invites readers to embrace their wild nature, become willing to embark on transformative experiences, and cultivate the wisdom necessary for a fulfilling life. This book is a profound guide for anyone seeking to unlock their true potential and live a life aligned with their deepest passions. Wild, Willing, and Wise is a must-read for those ready to embark on a liberating and empowering path of self-realization." —Marc Pimsler, MA, author and experiential psychotherapist

"We don’t evolve when we stay safe and secure in the world of our domesticated desires. What we really need to survive in an age of extinction and climate collapse is to reclaim the wildness of our own embodied wisdom. The generosity of HeatherAsh Amara’s guidance is that she turns you into your own guide. This is not a book that tells you what to do. This is a book that wakes up the feral part of you that already knows exactly what to do and how to work with the river of life." —Sophie Strand, author of The Flowering Wand and The Madonna Secret

"Wild, Willing, and Wise is another masterpiece from HeatherAsh Amara, in which she illustrates how life is a river—sometimes it's still, sometimes it sweeps us on a wild ride. Regardless of who we are or what we do, we all must navigate this River of Life. So why not be accompanied by three amazing energy guides—Wild, Willing, and Wise? They're here to help you discern when it's time to unleash creativity and push forward, and when to surrender and heed the deeper wisdom that knows how to master the ever-changing flow of the river. This book shows you how to attune to this trio of energies within you: Wild, Willing, and Wise, so they can work in unison, aiding you in crafting the most fulfilling, enriching, and magical journey along the River of Life. Wild, Willing, and Wise is a must-read for anyone longing to learn how to navigate the waves of life!" —Cissi Williams, naturopath, osteopath, and creator of the Awaken Your Inner Wisdom podcast

"In Wild, Willing, and Wise you embark on a mystical journey from 'Concept to Embodiment.' It guides you not only to dream but to become the dream, to manifest your deepest desires into the tapestry of your life. This book beckons to the dreamers who dare to envision a more just and beautiful whispers a question that has echoed through the chambers of the heart for ages: 'What Is Your Current Relationship to the River of Life?' This query invites you to contemplate the very essence of existence, drawing you closer to the divine flow of the universe. Through its pages, you are invited to sit by the riverbank and listen as it imparts profound 'Lessons from the River.' It tells tales of currents and eddies, of rapids and tranquil pools, teaching you the ancient wisdom of when to paddle and when to rest. As the river's stories weave their way into your soul, you find yourself guided on a journey of self-discovery, mirroring the eternal rhythm of life. 'Riding the River of Life' becomes an allegorical voyage, akin to a Sufi's spiritual journey through the inner realms. This book is your dhow upon the river, guiding you through the labyrinth of existence, where you learn to navigate the unpredictable tides and currents of your own soul. It is a call to surrender to the flow, to dance with the river's song, and to find your own rhythm in this cosmic waltz. This book challenges us to reflect on our current relationship with the ever-flowing River of Life. Through its pages, we embark on a transformative adventure, learning valuable Lessons from the River that resonate deeply with our souls. 'Riding the River of Life' is a metaphorical voyage that reminds us to embrace the unpredictable currents, to paddle when necessary, and to rest when the river gently meanders. It encourages us to surrender to the flow of existence, finding harmony in both action and stillness." —Marie Mbouni, author Healing the Five Wounds of the Heart

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Wild, Willing, and Wise

Wild, Willing, and Wise