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Lily to the Rescue: Dog Dog Goose

Lily to the Rescue: Dog Dog Goose

Lily to the Rescue! (Volume 4)

W. Bruce Cameron; illustrated by Jennifer L. Meyer



Lily to the Rescue: Dog Dog Goose is part of an irresistible chapter book series from the New York Times bestselling author of A Dog's Purpose Puppy Tales featuring Lily, a rescue dog who rescues other animals!

Lily lives with her girl, Maggie Rose. Once a stray, Lily was rescued by the kind people at the animal shelter run by Maggie Rose’s mom. Now she has a very important purpose: to rescue other animals in trouble.

A gaggle of orphaned baby geese think Lily is their mother. But they need to learn how to fly. Can Lily find a way to teach them? It’s Lily to the rescue!

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W. Bruce Cameron

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