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Is That You, Eleanor Sue?

Is That You, Eleanor Sue?

Roaring Brook Press



Roaring Brook Press

Roaring Brook Press


ISBN: 9781250235725

32 Pages, Ages 4-8

Saturdays are dress-up days when Eleanor Sue

Climbs out the window . . .
Tiptoes over to the front door . . .
And rings the doorbell.

Ding dong.

When her mother answers, she doesn’t see Eleanor Sue. She sees

A cranky old neighbor.
Or a hungry witch.
Or a white-bearded wizard.

Eleanor Sue is a master of disguise, but when her mother gets in on the act, along with Grandma, anything can happen in this whimsical picture book by award-winning author/illustrator Tricia Tusa.

Tricia Tusa is an award-winning writer and illustrator of over forty books for young readers, including In a Blue Room by Jim Averbeck, The Magic Hat by Mem Fox, and Follow Me, which she wrote and illustrated. She loves to make things, draw, paint, and print. Is That You, Eleanor Sue? is Tricia’s first book for Roaring Brook Press. She lives in New Mexico.

Roaring Brook Press

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