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The Resting Place

Author: Camilla Sten; translated by Alexandra Fleming

The Resting Place

The Resting Place

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One of Goodreads Most Popular Horror of 2022

"Engrossing, character-rich, powerful. Sten is on a roll."—Publishers Weekly(starred review)

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Book Details

One of Goodreads Most Popular Horror of 2022

"Engrossing, character-rich, powerful. Sten is on a roll."—Publishers Weekly(starred review)

Crimson Peak meets The Sanatorium in The Resting Place, a heart-thumping, unforgettable novel of horror and suspense by international sensation Camilla Sten.

Deep rooted secrets.
A twisted family history.
And a house that will never let go.

Eleanor lives with prosopagnosia, the inability to recognize a familiar person's face. It causes stress. Acute anxiety.

It can make you question what you think you know.

When Eleanor walked in on the scene of her capriciously cruel grandmother, Vivianne’s, murder, she came face to face with the killer—a maddening expression that means nothing to someone like her. With each passing day, the horror of having come so close to a murderer—and not knowing if they’d be back—overtakes both her dreams and her waking moments, thwarting her perception of reality.

Then a lawyer calls. Vivianne has left her a house—a looming estate tucked away in the Swedish woods. The place her grandfather died, suddenly. A place that has housed a chilling past for over fifty years.

Eleanor. Her steadfast boyfriend, Sebastian. Her reckless aunt, Veronika. The lawyer. All will go to this house of secrets, looking for answers. But as they get closer to uncovering the truth, they’ll wish they had never come to disturb what rests there.

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Praise for Camilla Sten

"Come for the mounting horror and scares, but stay for a devastating examination of the nature of family secrets." - New York Times book review

“THE LOST VILLAGE draws you in with its spooky premise--the disappearance of an entire town--but great atmospherics and unexpected twists keep you turning the pages. For fans of haunted reality TV shows, Scandinavian thrillers, and all things relentlessly creepy.” -- Alma Katsu, author of The Deep and The Hunger

"Very atmospheric and engaging mystery from a new and exciting voice in Scandinavian crime. The reader is drawn into a unique setting from page one and it is impossible to stop reading." - Ragnar Jonasson, author of The Island

"An enthralling and claustrophobic read. Camilla Sten has written a lurid thriller that will send shivers down your spine.” – M.T. Edvardsson, author of A Nearly Normal Family

"This gripping psychological thriller is sure to please fans of Shirley Jackson and cinema verité–styled horror." - Publishers Weekly

"Very hard to put down...delivers maximum dread with remarkable restraint, and as the situation goes from bad to worse to terrifying, readers will revel in the chills." - Booklist

Deliciously creepy and profoundly addictive." - The Free Lance Star

"Legitimately scary." - Air Mail

"The suspense in this book is off the charts." - Manhattan Book Review

"[A] scary, highly entertaining debut...that pays homage to Shirley Jackson." - South Florida Sun Sentinel

"Sten’s character-driven, psychologically immersive puzzle will keep readers guessing until the end." - First Clue

"Deep-laid and tightly wound." —Kirkus Reviews

"Engrossing, character-rich, powerful. Sten is on a roll." —Publishers Weekly (starred review)

"Sten relentlessly builds the tension and suspense...adding a deep layer of intensely sinister fear and mortal danger with every turn of the page. A great choice for fans of terrifying psychological suspense driven by family secrets, as seen in titles by Sarah Pinborough and Jennifer McMahon." - Booklist

"Creepy and unforgettable atmospheric and suspenseful experience." - The BiblioSanctum

"Atmospheric and chilling, The Resting Place is a masterful and unexpected bit of literary legerdemain." - New York Journal of Books

"Atmospheric and serpentine...with vigor, passion and originality, The Resting Place represents the heights to which crime fiction can rise." - Fredericksburg Free Lance Star

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The Resting Place

The Resting Place

The Resting Place
The Resting Place