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My Food Journal

My Food Journal

A Daily Companion for Weight Loss & Better Health

Kasey Horn

Castle Point Books


A convenient handbookwith removable jacket!to keep you on track with your diet and health goals

Ready to reach your goals to improve your diet, lose weight, and enjoy better health? My Food Journal is your perfect partner!

• Easy-to-use journal pages make tracking so simple.
• The attractive, bright design helps you stick with your food logging and goal tracking.
• Remove the striped cover band to reveal a vibrant, beautiful, and discreet journal.

My Food Journal gives you accountability, inspiration, and insight into what’s working and where there’s room for improvement—all in a gorgeous, durable book you can take with you on the go.

Kasey Horn

KASEY HORN is a certified nutritionist and health coach who knows firsthand the power of tracking to help lose weight and boost energy. Her successful efforts in her own life led her to want to guide others to better health in her hometown Denver area.

Kasey Horn