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My Life as a Billionaire

My Life as a Billionaire

The My Life series (Volume 10)

Janet Tashjian; illustrated by Jake Tashjian

Henry Holt and Co. (BYR)


Janet and Jake Tashjian’s My Life as a Billionaire is Book 10 in the much-loved, illustrated My Life series.

Derek Fallon won the lottery and now gets to split over a billion dollars with a friend—the buying possibilities are endless—skateboards!, sneakers! video games!, a backyard skateboard park!!!—let the shopping begin. But Derek is soon challenged with new obstacles that he hadn’t thought of before. Having money to spend should make his life easier but it’s bringing with it lots of anxiety. It’s up to Derek to find a balance with his newfound wealth, and to consider the best ways to spend his money.

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The last thing I thought I’d be doing this weekend is carrying mics and amplifiers up three sets of stairs in the sweltering heat. The only person I know who could convince me to sign up for such a lame-o...

Janet Tashjian; illustrated by Jake Tashjian

Janet Tashjian is the author of the popular My Life series, illustrated by her son Jake Tashjian, including My Life as a Book, My Life as a Stuntboy, My Life as a Cartoonist, My Life as a Joke, My Life as a Gamer, My Life as a Ninja, My Life as a Youtuber, My Life as a Meme, and My Life as a Coder. Janet is also the author of Sticker Girl, illustrated by Inga Wilmink, and the Einstein the Class Hamster series, also illustrated by Jake. Janet and Jake live in Los Angeles, California.

image of Janet Tashjiano
Janet Tashjian
image of Jake Tashjiano
Jake Tashjian

Henry Holt and Co. (BYR)

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