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A Guided Journal to Help You Embrace Your Inner Wolf and Find Your Pack

Grace Edmunds and Gloria Glo

Castle Point Books


Grace Edmunds and Gloria Glo's journal will help you find your strength, trust your intuition, harness the power of the moon and run with the wolves.

There’s an untamed spirit deep within you yearning for expression. Roam the pages of Howl and explore your true nature with this deeply defining guided journal. Through insightful prompts, thought-provoking inspirations, and empowering imagery, you can unleash yourself from the worries and hang-ups that constrain you, gather a supportive pack of wolves around you, and live more boldly. If there’s ever been a time to unbury your voice and speak your mind, it’s now. Run wild with Howl and discover who you truly are.

· Beautiful journal pages inspire reflection and empowerment
· Guided exercises help you set your inner wolf free
· Gather support from other women and form your pack
· Every page is a place to ramble, be heard, and live wildly

Grace Edmunds and Gloria Glo

Grace Edmunds is a Mindfulness and Embodiment Teacher whose mission is to help women better understand their minds, connect to the wisdom of their bodies, and listen to the guidance of their hearts. Through meditation, yoga, music, and dance, she leads students on a journey of transformation to re-awaken their innate wisdom and joy.

Gloria Glo is a visionary artist and transformational guide with a passion to empower women and re-awaken the wild spirit through conscious movement and dynamic meditations. She is a co-founder of Sattva Land, a beautiful retreat center in the jungle of Belize. Her work and offerings sprout from her devotion to beauty and her wild heart.

Together, Gloria and Grace offer the work of Wild Feminine through international retreats, workshops, and trainings.