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Astrology for Life

Astrology for Life

The Ultimate Guide to Finding Wisdom in the Stars

Nina Kahn

Castle Point Books


Make your day-to-day life more magical, spiritual, and in sync with the stars!

Graduate from daily horoscopes and dive into a deeper understanding of astrology with this user-friendly tell-all guide to the cosmos. Nina Kahn's Astrology for Life spills the tea on our celestial neighbors: the Sun, Moon, and planets (plus all twelve zodiac signs) so you can get to know their quirky personalities and use their energies to your advantage every day. Learn your way around a birth chart and get the lowdown on nodes, aspects, degrees, decans, Moon signs, rising signs, retrogrades, eclipses, and more! Most importantly, discover how to use planetary transits to step up your career game, find love, take better care of yourself, crush your goals, and live your most magical life.

-Go beyond your Sun sign to uncover a deeper, more nuanced astrological profile— one that’s truly unique to you.
-Learn to read the basics of your birth chart in a way that inspires self-reflection and understanding.
-Start using retrogrades, eclipses, and the cycles of the Sun and Moon to your advantage.
-Align yourself with the cosmos to welcome new opportunities for love, career success, and personal achievements.
-Build a stronger connection to the universe and find your place among the stars.

With Astrology for Life, you can satisfy your cosmic curiosity and make your journey through life even more wondrous and fulfilling!

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Nina Kahn

NINA KAHN is a lifestyle writer at Bustle where she writes about all things astrology: moon rituals, horoscopes, retrograde drama, astrological forecasts, crystals for astrology, and beyond. She also covers stories about wellness, pets, travel, and holidays. She was initiated into a coven in 2016 and has been studying astrology, witchcraft, crystals, and other mystical arts independently for the past decade. Kahn documents her day-to-day dramas on Instagram and Twitter.