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The Very Satisfying Activity Book

The Very Satisfying Activity Book

Exceedingly Tidy Games and Puzzles for Perfectionists, Control Freaks, Type As, and Others Obsessed with Order

Gareth Moore

Castle Point Books


Trade Paperback

Soothing, detail-rich puzzles and challenges for the neat freak in you!

Type As, rejoice! This clever, compulsion-friendly activity book offers pages of activities to satisfy your urge for order. Inside there are i's in need of dots, mistakes to correct, drawings to complete, and more. You'll swoon with joy as you perfect, locate, finish, alphabetize, count, and organize your way to the solution. Tidy your desk, sharpen your colored pencils, arrange them by color, and enjoy letting your inner perfectionist shine!

This one-of-a-kind activity book for adults lets you:

• Conquer more than 85 unique challenges using your well-developed attention to detail and incredible knack for precision
• Enter a no-judgment zone where neat freaks, type As, and perfectionists are celebrated
• Feel productive and win the day with a colorful and creative variety of puzzles designed just for you!

Channel your obsessions in an entirely acceptable, well-adjusted way with Gareth Moore's The Very Satisfying Activity Book.

Gareth Moore

Gareth Moore is the author of a wide range of puzzle and activity books for both children and adults, including Sticker Mosaics: Rainbow Unicorns and Sticker Mosaics: Crazy Cats. He is also the creator of the online brain training website and runs the daily puzzle website.


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