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Mythographic Color and Discover: Dream Garden

Mythographic Color and Discover: Dream Garden

An Artist's Coloring Book of Floral Fantasies


Fabiana Attanasio

Castle Point Books


Trade Paperback

Color the mesmerizing blooms, vibrant expanses, and beautiful creatures of Fabiana Attanasio's Mythographic Color and Discover: Dream Garden.

Enter a secret garden realm where illusion and creativity reign. Mythographic Color and Discover: Dream Garden is a spectacular display of magical flora, hidden biospheres, and lush garden kingdoms rendered in wondrous detail.

Follow a path of astounding illustration through blooming forests, mystical labyrinths, and butterfly havens that will spark your imagination. Cultivate your artistic touch and add vivid colors to more than 40 entrancing, hand-drawn illustrations while you discover the hidden objects that are tucked away in each one.

·Flowery dream worlds abound in more than 40 exquisite illustrations
·Find the secret objects hidden within every work of art
·Color a surreal gallery of blossoming oases with unmatched detail

Fabiana Attanasio

Fabiana Attanasio is an Italian illustrator based near Rome, Italy. She has a degree in illustration from the International School of Comics and illustrates children’s books and coloring books that have been published all over the world. She loves the feeling of using brushes and pencils, but she also works with digital media. You can find her work online!

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Fabiana Attanasio

Author Bio and Artwork at Advocate-Art