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Story of My F*cking Life

Story of My F*cking Life

A Journal for Banishing the Bullsh*t, Unlocking Your Creativity, and Celebrating the Absurdity of Life

Jason Mustian

Castle Point Books



Congratulations! You have discovered a self-care tool that’s more than a social media prop in Story of My F*cking Life, a bibliophile’s journal from the viral Instagram sensation @storyofmyfuckinglife.

In this hilarious journal, you’ll find illustrated spot-on book covers and journaling prompts that capture the mundane woes and everyday challenges that you’re technically not allowed to complain about but are definitely thinking about. Whatever life throws at you, you’ll find support for life’s little injustices, plus the space to commiserate and reflect.

· Hilariously relatable book covers capture everyday sh*tshows
· Journaling prompts bring you creative release from the madness
· Inspiration helps you barrel ahead with or without your sanity intact

Jason Mustian

Jason Mustian is a writer, illustrator, and creator of Story of My F*cking Life social accounts, as well as TL;DR Wikipedia and Texts From Last Night.