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Monstrous Nights

The Witch's Compendium of Monsters (Volume 2)

Author: Genoveva Dimova

Monstrous Nights

Monstrous Nights

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A brilliant modern fantasy that’s not afraid to show its teeth.”—Ed McDonald, author of The Redwinter Chronicles, on Foul Days

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A brilliant modern fantasy that’s not afraid to show its teeth.”—Ed McDonald, author of The Redwinter Chronicles, on Foul Days

Dive into the breakneck conclusion to the Slavic folklore-inspired Witch's Compendium of Monsters series, which began with Foul Days

With her magic reclaimed and her role in the community of Chernograd restored, Kosara’s life should finally be back to normal—but, of course, things can’t possibly be that simple.

She is now in possession of twelve witch’s shadows, which belonged to a series of young, magically powerful women lured into the deadly marriage with the Zmey that Kosara only narrowly escaped as a young woman. Holding them may grant her unprecedented power, but that doesn’t mean they’re always willing to do her bidding.

Across the wall in Belograd, Asen chases the only lead on his latest case, one of several unsolved witch murders, even against the orders of his direct superior and the mayor. He’s convinced the smuggling kingpin Konstantin Karaivanov is behind them, and follows his trail to an underground monster auction—which leads him right back to Chernograd.

There, sinister events follow one after another: snow falls in midsummer, a witch with two shadows is found dead, monsters that should only appear during the Foul Days have been sighted, and cracks appear in the sky that only Kosara seems able to see. The barrier between worlds thins... and Kosara can’t help but feel her actions are the cause.

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Praise for Foul Days:

“Charming, wry, and emotionally resonant. Dimova’s propulsive, assured prose captures a fresh, gritty world bursting with wonderful characters—and monsters galore! Get ready to meet your new favorite supernatural crime-busting duo.”—Allison Saft, New York Times bestselling author of A Far Wilder Magic

Sharply written, utterly imaginative, by turns terrifying and hopeful—a wonderful read.”—New York Times bestselling author Lilith Saintcrow

“There's no safety when the Foul Days come for you: this book will drag you in and not let you go until dawn.”—Marie Brennan, award-winning author of A Natural History of Dragons

Foul Days is a fast-paced murder mystery in a Balkan-inspired fantasy world where your ex can be a literal monster. Charming, clever, and compulsively readable, this debut is wholly original and monstrously fun.”—Rebecca Schaeffer, author of the Market of Monsters series

A sure-footed, swift-paced race against time, Foul Days brings Slavic folklore to terrifying life. This is a brilliant modern fantasy that’s not afraid to show its teeth.”—Ed McDonald, author of The Redwinter Chronicles

Foul Days is a phenomenal blend of danger and delight from an exciting new voice in fantasy. The characters, the world, the magic, and the monsters are all compelling, but the deft way in which Dimova brings them all to life while weaving in heavier themes of classism and abuse will leave you breathlessly awaiting the sequel long before you reach that final page.” —Kamilah Cole, author of So Let Them Burn

A fast-paced thrill ride with immersive worldbuilding and a snarky but realistic main character who you just can't help but root for.” —Frances White, author of Voyage of the Damned

“An immersive, thrilling read which will stand as a classic of Slavic folklore among the likes of Katherine Arden’s Winternight Trilogy.”—Laura R. Samotin, author of The Sins on Their Bones

Delightfully witty and utterly charming, Foul Days is part epic fantasy adventure and part romantic buddy comedy through an engaging fantasy world inspired by Slavic folklore. I couldn’t put it down.”—Hana Lee, author of Road to Ruin

Foul Days is an incredible story filled with monsters and magic which deserves not only to be read, but savored.” —Maelan Holladay, author of The Storm Gathers

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Monstrous Nights

Monstrous Nights