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The Friend Zone Experiment

Author: Zen Cho

The Friend Zone Experiment

The Friend Zone Experiment

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From the renowned, award-winning author Zen Cho comes a delightfully funny romance about family, class, and love in modern London.


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From the renowned, award-winning author Zen Cho comes a delightfully funny romance about family, class, and love in modern London.

From the outside, Renee Goh’s life looks perfect. She’s thirty and beautiful, runs a glamorous—and profitable—women’s clothing company in London, and is dating a hot Taiwanese pop star.

But Renee is lonely. Estranged from her family in Singapore, she practically lives at the office, and now she’s just been dumped by her supposed boyfriend. Who she never saw anyway, so why is she ruining her Instagram-ready makeup by crying?

Before she can curl up on the couch with a pint of Ben & Jerry’s, Renee’s father calls. He’s retiring, and, thanks to the screw-ups of her wastrel brothers, he is considering her as the next CEO of the family business: Chahaya Group, one of the largest conglomerates in Southeast Asia. That stamp of her father’s approval would mean everything to Renee, but can she cooperate with the brothers who drove her out of Singapore?

But fate isn’t done with her. That same night, Renee bumps into her first love, Yap Ket Siong, who broke her heart during university. They spend a wonderful night together, but Ket Siong is pursuing a dangerous vengeance for his family. In the light of day is there any hope for the two of them?

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“A messy—yet beautiful—second-chance romance. Zen Cho writes vivid characters in difficult situations, and the hero and heroine’s history is deftly woven into their present-day interactions. It’s a compelling read, and I devoured it.” —Jackie Lau, author of Donut Fall in Love

“Renee and Ket Siong lose and find each other in an emotionally intense love story set against a dramatic backdrop of corporate greed, class, and family. Lovers of Zen Cho’s fabulous fantasy stories will be thrilled by her first contemporary romance.” —Lily Chu, author of The Stand In

“Cho is a marvel. Her deft observations go down like a charm, but their emotional power will leave you deeply moved . . . The Friend Zone Experiment is a story so intensely real that you’ll wonder later if it happened to someone you knew.” —Shelley Parker-Chan, author of She Who Became the Sun

“A lovely, tender romance, beautifully threaded through real world concerns that had me engrossed. I savoured every delicately written moment.” —Charlotte Stein, author of When Grumpy Met Sunshine

“A really fun and escapist read – I'm sure fans of Lauren Ho or Beth O'Leary will love this second-chance romance!” —Niamh Hargan, author of The Break-Up Clause

“A heartwarming second-chance romance, written with a sometimes sly sense of humor. With complicated family relationships, ominous shadows from the past, and the cameos of Southeast Asian food and beverages which are delectably familiar to me. A sparkling read.” —Eve Shi

“Reminiscent of classic K-dramas with a touch more reality, Cho perfectly balances a friends-to-lovers romance with familial tensions and business-world intrigue. Easily one of my top reads of the year!” —Simone Soltani, author of Cross the Line

“Renee Goh has joined the ranks of my favourite romance heroines; I was sucked into her story immediately and cheered for her the whole way through. This is a romance that celebrates its tropes while not being afraid to show its teeth, all delivered in Cho's assured and lively authorial voice. I can't wait to see where she takes us next in this genre!” —Freya Marske, Sunday Times bestselling author of A Marvellous Light

“I haven't seen an author weave romantic comedy and corporate complexity together quite this flawlessly. …Hilarious, insightful and hard to put down.” —J. F. Murray, author of Fling

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The Friend Zone Experiment

The Friend Zone Experiment

The Friend Zone Experiment
The Friend Zone Experiment