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Family Family

A Novel

Author: Laurie Frankel; read by Patti Murin; author's note and acknowledgments read by the author

Family Family

Family Family


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This program includes an author's note read by the author and a conversation between the author and Audie Award–winning narrator Patti Murin.

"Murin guarantees Frankel’s...

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Book Details

This program includes an author's note read by the author and a conversation between the author and Audie Award–winning narrator Patti Murin.

"Murin guarantees Frankel’s story is impeccably, convincingly, utterly heard. A creative process-illuminating author/narrator 'geeking out' interview provides a delightful aural bonus."—Booklist

​“Not all stories of adoption are stories of pain and regret. Not even most of them. Why don’t we ever get that movie?”

India Allwood grew up wanting to be an actor. Armed with a stack of index cards (for research/line memorization/make-shift confetti), she goes from awkward sixteen-year-old to Broadway ingenue to TV superhero.

Her new movie is a prestige picture about adoption, but its spin is the same old tired story of tragedy. India is an adoptive mom in real life though. She wants everyone to know there’s more to her family than pain and regret. So she does something you should never do — she tells a journalist the truth: it’s a bad movie.

Soon she’s at the center of a media storm, battling accusations from the press and the paparazzi, from protesters on the right and advocates on the left. Her twin ten-year-olds know they need help – and who better to call than family? But that’s where it gets really messy because India’s not just an adoptive mother…

The one thing she knows for sure is what makes a family isn’t blood. And it isn’t love. No matter how they’re formed, the truth about family is this: it's complicated.

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"Frankel has written a funny, heart-wrenching, deeply personal story about the meaning of family and holding fast to one’s beliefs. India is the star of Frankel’s novel, but the supporting characters are warm and vibrant, each getting their own opportunity to shine. Highly recommended for fans of Frankel and those who enjoy literary fiction featuring witty dialogue and thought-provoking topics."
—Library Journal (starred)

"...Frankel offers a hilarious and sobering view of adoptive parenting through her portrayals of the cheerful and honest India and Rebecca’s open-minded adoptive mother...this is great fun."
—Publishers Weekly

"Frankel finds the truth of modern family within the sparkly, funny characters."

"Frankel's back! Without giving away too much of her dizzying plot, which is supercharged with cliffhanger chapter endings and parallel reveals, the novel is dedicated to the premise that not every adoption story is one of trauma—along the way we will enjoy many fine young characters (Kevin Wilson fans who haven't yet tried Frankel should) and classic Frankelisms...Full of warmth, humor, and sound advice."

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Family Family

Family Family


Family Family
Family Family