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Beautiful Ugly

A Novel

Author: Alice Feeney

Beautiful Ugly

Beautiful Ugly

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“Her best book yet.” Harlan Coben
The million-copy bestselling Queen of Twists Alice Feeney returns with a gripping and deliciously...

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“Her best book yet.” Harlan Coben
The million-copy bestselling Queen of Twists Alice Feeney returns with a gripping and deliciously dark thriller about marriage. . .
. . . and revenge.

Author Grady Green is having the worst best day of his life.

Grady calls his wife to share some exciting news as she is driving home. He hears Abby slam on the brakes, get out of the car, then nothing. When he eventually finds her car by the cliff edge the headlights are on, the driver door is open, her phone is still there. . . but his wife has disappeared.

A year later, Grady is still overcome with grief and desperate to know what happened to Abby. He can’t sleep, and he can’t write, so he travels to a tiny Scottish island to try to get his life back on track. Then he sees the impossible – a woman who looks exactly like his missing wife.

Wives think their husbands will change but they don’t.
Husbands think their wives won’t change but they do.

“Magnetic and jaw-dropping.” —Mary Kubica, bestselling author
"Unforgettable." —Chris Whitaker, bestselling author

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“Alice Feeney is one of my favorite thriller writers and this is her best book yet. Highly addictive and beautifully written. Read Beautiful Ugly right now and thank me later.”
—Harlan Coben, bestselling author

“Alice Feeney is back with another magnetic and jaw-dropping thriller. With a dreamlike quality and atmosphere that is off the charts, Beautiful Ugly takes readers into a world that is charming on the surface, but with danger, hatred and revenge lurking just beneath. Both witty and terrifying; I couldn't put it down!”
—Mary Kubica, bestselling author

“Wicked, wild, sinister and shocking. Alice Feeney rips up the rule book yet again. Beautiful Ugly is unpredictable and unforgettable.”
—Chris Whitaker, bestselling author

“When I started reading Beautiful Ugly I was not prepared to feel such joy in the writing, yet such terror in the story. A missing wife, a tortured couple and a lonely writer banished to a mysterious Scottish island, this exquisite novel is a relationship drama, a darkly twisting thriller and an examination of the fine line between isolation and loneliness. Alice Feeney has created a masterpiece, a riveting read, immaculately written.”
—Janice Hallett, bestselling author

“I’m a huge fan of Alice Feeney and Beautiful Ugly is an atmospheric gem of a thriller, weaving an unpredictable and clever plot that will keep you guessing until the very end. Brilliant and chilling, with an inspired setting, characters that jump off the page, and twists to give you whiplash. I loved every word.”
—Claire Douglas, bestselling author

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Beautiful Ugly

Beautiful Ugly